What maps are better?

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What maps are better?

Maps for Russia

Finding Address Organizations

Yandex.Maps are preferable here. Say on Google often came across obsolete information on organizations and many unsigned homes.

OpenStreetMaps - here can be more detailed maps of remote settlements.


On Google Maps MUCH more panoramas around the world and across Russia than anywhere else. But there is a drawback. Western society is characterized by paranoia and, therefore, on Google maps, people's faces and machine numbers are smeared.
At the same time, Google decided to smear and advertising. As a result, we see a continuous mazna.
Let's say, I somehow decided to visit a certain district of a certain city and want to orient myself in the locality. On the panoramas I saw some identical gray brick and block houses (of which we have a lot), all the names of shops and advertising were smeared. There are no landmarks.
I went to Yandex.Maps - normal panoramas - faces, signs. Quickly oriented.

In addition, the principle of shooting at Google - the video, which then makes panoramas, Yandex - photos. What was reflected in the quality. I went to the Maidan. Google has a bad glue, Yandex is more careful.

Therefore, I recommend where you can - use Yandex. If Yandex does not cover it - we use Google.

World Maps

It's preferable to Google Maps in almost everything.
More detailed small settlements are performed on OpenStreetMaps.

Yandex.Maps well cover Russia, the CIS and a number of popular countries for Russians, such as Turkey, Egypt ... The rest of the world is poor.


In Russia it's better MAPS.ME. The OpenStreetMaps map is used, we download the necessary maps, it takes much less space than others and the most detailed one.

For Scandinavia - HERE Maps from Nokia. A very high-quality map, and it's clear that they know their places well.

In many countries it is preferable to Waze, users are themselves, the whole world, then fresh and correct data on traffic jams, repair roads in densely populated areas, trails.