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Owner: Kaspersky
address: Russia

Cyberthreats map in real-time Kaspersky Lab

Every day cyberattacks are subjected to a lot of computers and devices around the world.
With Kaspersky, you can see in real time, which attacks occur where.

For example. Russia is in second place in the number of attacks. 1 - Vietnam, 3 - USA, 4 - China.

Cyberthreats map in real-time Kaspersky Lab


Interactive map of Russia's dumps.

The map was created and supported by the United Russia party within the framework of the "General cleaning" project.


Map of the world on the level of vzyatnichestva

World map on the level of bribery.
The map is not interactive, the level of bribery is distributed according to the color scale. Click on the countries and look at the more detailed result.
You can look at the sectors: energy, agricultural sector

Earthquakes on the world map in real time.

A global map of incidents and disasters.
On the map you can see what disasters are happening at the moment and where.
You can see everything at once or thematically, for example:
  1. Forest fires,
  2. Presidential Threat,
  3. Terrorism,
  4. Earthquakes,
  5. Accidents,
  6. Trafficking,
  7. Drug trafficking,
  8. ...
Click on the topic and see only incidents of this kind, below is the list With the date and time.