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Human rights

Human rights
The system of principles, norms, rules and traditions of relations between people and the state that provides the individual,
  • first, the opportunity to act on his own (this part of the rights is usually called freedom);
  • Secondly, to receive certain material, spiritual and other benefits (proper rights).
In a narrow sense, the concept of 'human rights' defines only those rights that are not granted, but are only protected and guaranteed by the state.
They are inherent in every person from birth and act independently of the constitutional and legal consolidation And state borders.

International organizations

  1. - ICJ - International Court of Justice.

Virtual Receptionist

  1. - About actions on Human Rights Convention - The practice of the European Court of Human Rights.
  2. - The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation

Human rights - United Nations

Human rights are the United Nations.
The official website of United Nations Headquarters in New York.
The website in Russian.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Human Rights Council, Indigenous peoples, human rights, genocide, indigenous peoples, children and armed conflict, Rwanda, persons with disabilities, civilians in armed conflict, minorities, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, International Courts, International Tribunals, Special Tribunal for Lebanon

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University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Human Rights has a section on the website in Russian, Arabic and other languages.