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Subtleties of the pension system in Russia, as well as to solve life problems associated with determining the right to any type of pension, the conditions of appointment and the order of payments. The information specified in the regulatory documentation (laws, decrees, etc.) may not always be described in an accessible manner, therefore, this Internet resource will help to understand their contents and in the end you will know all your rights and obligations when making pension payments.

According to statistics, about 43 million people in the country are now recipients of pensions, which is almost a third of the entire Russian population. Also, the government annually makes new decisions on reforming the pension system, so at the moment this issue is of great urgency and relevance.

On the website, you can find answers to various emerging issues regarding the existing types of pensions on compulsory pension insurance and state pension coverage, on different categories of beneficiaries, the procedure for calculating payments, on new pension reform and on its changes. It also publishes the latest news on changes in the pension legislation and on the decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation during the implementation of certain actions.

In many private cases, the process of assigning and paying pensions will be individual, so we have provided the possibility of a free online consultation on the site with experienced lawyers who can help you understand the provisions of the pension legislation or provide direct assistance in more difficult life situations.


On the site, in addition to the legislative base, you can find out the latest news, changes in legislation regarding labor protection, pension reform ...

There is a section “Open ministry”, and the most interesting thing for me personally is that you can apply online here.

To schoolchildren about pensions - Pension Fund of Russia

A site that explains what a pension consists of in language that a schoolboy can understand.
I think that such a site will be useful to many people.
There are also materials for parents.

Of course, there's some related information about the history of pensions and explanations of what pensions are.
But the main thing is that there is a formula and a calculator for calculating pensions.

I see that people who knew how pensions are calculated and therefore were able to earn a good pension.
And many of those who didn't know the rules for calculating pensions earned a noticeably lower pension.
Some people lacked a little bit of experience or a certain length of service (in a harmful job, in areas of the far north ...).

Useful site.

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State services

You can check the status of your pension account on the Public Services portal - an individual account in the Pension Fund of Russia.

Find out:

  • whether your employer pays insurance premiums for your future pension;
  • how many retirement points you have;
  • how many years you have worked;
  • how many pension savings do you have and who controls them.
If you want to take a loan, you can send information about the status of your individual personal account by e-mail to the bank: banks trust the clients that confirm the income not with a certificate from work, but with an extract about the status of the pension account.

How to use the service

  1. Login to
  2. Choose the service 'Notice of the status of the personal account in the FIU' - the statement appears on the screen.
  3. Save the statement to your computer or send it by e-mail.

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Pension Fund of Russia

We calculate the conditional size of your future old-age labor pension for the new and existing pension formulas and compare the results!
The calculator is designed to calculate the conditional size of the pension in the prices of the current year according to the current pension formula and the formula that is currently being developed by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The old-age pension is established by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to citizens who have a civil work (insurance) experience and have reached the general established retirement age the one.

Whatever the pension formula, occupational retirement pension is a certain result of your work life.
When calculating a labor pension, such socially significant periods of life as the passage of urgent military service, leave to take care of a child,

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