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Electronic Library of the Moscow State Pedagogical University -
Information system for the accumulation, storage and use of electronic documents and publications in the field of psychology and related disciplines.

Information system for the accumulation, storage and use of electronic documents and publications in the field of psychology and related disciplines.

The goal is access to electronic forms of educational materials and inaccessible literature specified in the curricula of academic disciplines.
Christian resources.

Super-library of resources: postcards, humor, articles, ideas for weddings, stories, comics, games, midi, MP3, illustrations, statistics, skits, phrases, ideas, hr tips. Psychologists, answers to questions, news, etc.

The number of real resources has exceeded 8.000 pieces!

Website for children on the portal Cyril and Methodius
School portals.

Portal for children, schoolchildren and their parents from Cyril and Methodius.
Virtual country, whose life goes according to its own special laws. Here you can learn and play, entertain and fix the material of the school program. The training section contains entertaining lessons with vivid examples, colorful illustrations. In the entertainment part of many fun contests, colorful and dynamic games, most loved by children. The site is based on the best training and development programs developed by the company "Cyril and Methodius."

As you know, knowledge acquired in the process of active activity, is assimilated much more productive than with simple memorization. For children aged 3-12 years, such activities are primarily a game, which is why the basis of the children's training site is "Elementary School. Lessons of Cyril and Methodius "is the principle - Learning through play and entertainment!

All lessons and games are designed taking into account the psychological characteristics of children of primary school age with the participation of leading teachers, practitioners, methodologists and psychologists.

All sections have an extremely simple navigation, which allows the child to do on his own or with minimal participation of an adult. Games and assignments almost do not contain text and are represented by video images and interactive simulators.

Psychologies -
A project about psychology, entertaining tests.

A project about psychology, entertaining tests.

An international media brand that combines a magazine, a website, and mobile applications Psychologies tests.

Choose a psychologist, take one of hundreds of fascinating tests, express your opinion and discuss what worries you on the forum.
Monthly audience - 5 million unique users.
Facebook group - more than 600,000 participants.

Mind Hacks -
Neuroscience and psychology life hacks and tricks gets posted here almost every day. The website started in 2004, there are hundreds of articles to read.

How to quit smoking.

The purpose of the site is to help quit smoking.
Here you can download the most popular book on this topic for free - Alain carr. An easy way to quit smoking.
You can put a counter on your website or blog counter how many days you are without cigarettes.
Besides the book itself, there is video, online psychologist, other books.

Write an online doctor.

All psychologists.
To be honest, I have no idea where to look for a psychologist and how to write to him.
This site helps to solve such a problem.
You can choose, sign up, consult via Skype.

In addition, you will find tests, tips, trainings, books ...

Virtual worlds. Interactive guide: site and multimedia virtual tour.

An interactive guide: a site and a multimedia virtual tour. The children's site was developed by specialists of the Game and Toys Center for parents, as well as teachers and psychologists. This is an original interactive guide that shows and tells how to organize a children's room.

A virtual tour of 'Children's' is accompanied by informative tips.

In the 'How to choose toys' section, visitors will receive recommendations for choosing different types of toys.
In the 'Catalog of toys' you can get acquainted with various toys, see their voluminous photos, learn the name and manufacturer.

Social network for psychological assistance.

Archive of St. Petersburg Russian Studies
The Department of Russian Philology Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

Department of the Russian language of the philological faculty of St.

Petersburg State University. The project of the "Archives of St. Petersburg Russian Studies" information system, supported by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, is aimed at providing information needs of researchers of the Russian language.

The circle of possible users: includes teachers of the Russian language department, philologists of other specializations, secondary school teachers, domestic and foreign specialists - linguists, literary critics, historians, psychologists, philosophers, etc., who are generally interested in the Russian language and its history.

Website of overcoming gomosekusualizma, Lesbian-craving I and other problems associated with the floor.

A website about overcoming homosexuality, lezbi-attraction and other problems related to sex.

If you consider yourself gay - you are my neighbor, and I pray for you. With us you will be able to find understanding and true friendship. If you are a Christian, you are my brother. We are open to everyone.

Our tasks:

  1. disseminate truthful information about the attraction to your gender and other problems related to sex,
  2. make available practical techniques for those who try to get rid of homosexuality and gain integrity,
  3. help the family and friends of homosexuals with advice.

To achieve this, we:

  • we translate materials,
  • publish psychological and sociological studies, materials on ethics and religion,
  • support the discussion in the forum,
  • We develop methods for support groups and bring together those who are interested.

Yale University -
Open courses at the University of Yelsk.

Open courses at the University of Yelsk. Lectures on astronomy, psychology, physics, English, philosophy, political science and religious studies.
Consultations online across the entire spectrum of health issues; psychological counseling.

A popular website about medicine.
Consultations online on the whole range of medical issues; Psychological counseling.


А project of SUP media.
A project for parents with an active lifestyle. Information on all aspects of life with children - education and upbringing, psychology and health, style and leisure, legal and acute social issues
A website with useful articles and services that help parents quickly find answers to questions, expert advice on an exciting topic.
The recommendations of leading pediatricians, psychologists, educators and lawyers and the experience of other parents are combined under one project.
Theory and Practice in One Flag. ONET
How often we say. "I am sorry that, because of employment I can not devote more time and attention to their children»
Face the children.

Monthly colorful magazine only for girls. It is published since 1991. Fashion, beauty, love, psychological problems. Needlework, cooking, as well as the corporate contest 'Girl from the cover' and many tests, horoscopes.

Paid dating sites.

Italian Te amo - I love.
Dating for marriage and serious relationship.
Subscription fee - 170 rubles. per month.

3 steps to find your pair

  1. Pass a free compatibility test.
  2. We look at all profiles of users that are compatible with you.
  3. We communicate with those who like.
  4. Forward for a date.
Screenings of "non-serious" audiences are achieved by offering to pay for Teamo services on a monthly basis (170 rubles) and professional testing to identify the psychological compatibility of potential couples. According to Khabarov, in the US, dating services with a similar concept are "responsible for 4% of marriages concluded in the country."

Many investments are invested in this project, so we should expect development.

Penzu -
Closed diary.

A closed diary.

There is no sociality, no publicity. This is a completely closed diary, for yourself.
As before the girls kept diaries, wrote something and kept under the pillow. A kind of psychologist.

The service is free, but there is a paid account, there will already be encryption of your records.
That's just who they need.

Real life stories
Real life stories.

If you can not find a way out of the situation, read the stories - maybe someone was in a similar situation, or write your story, perhaps the users of the site will be able to help you.

The contents of the resource are stories from the lives of our contemporaries. As pages from personal diaries of thousands of guys and girls, letters of revelation allow the reader to touch their lives. Real stories about children and animals, about service in the army and work, about friendship and, of course, love can not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Everyone can publish his story on the website, sharing his joy or pain with the world.
  • Anyone is free to leave a comment on the story they like, express their opinion or give advice.
  • Professional psychologists give advice to everyone on the site: their practical advice helps users to understand themselves, in interpersonal relationships, in difficult life situations.
  • There are pages with poems and prose works.

Site for children and parents, interesting scenarios for holidays, children's songs and minus one, online flash games, child psychology, parents' school, riddles, children's horoscopes, creativity and coloring.


For a young mother, a narrow popular resource.

Diary of a young mother.
A convenient way to communicate future and real moms. You can start a diary, find friends for communication, discuss topics of interest to you in the thematic communities, get the information you are interested in in the young mother's library and many other things.

Popular Communities:

  • Food, vitamins for Pregnant women.
  • Lifestyle, harmful factors.
  • Newborn health.
  • Conception.
  • Family problems.
  • Choosing a maternity home.
  • Education, psychology - from one to three years.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Selection of goods.
  • Feeding the newborn.
  • Legal issues.
  • Buy/sell.
  • Childhood illnesses from one year to three.
  • Kindergartens, communication with peers.
  • Meals from one year to three.
  • Fitness and diet.
  • I'll give it away.
  • Photo Contest!
  • Shopping and fashion.
  • Active rest.
  • Development and training of children from three to six years.
  • Housekeeping.
  • New Year, birthdays - holidays and gifts.
Here you can enter the names, age and sex of your children, the gestational age.
What's great, if you specify the age of the children/pregnancy, the page of your blog will show links to useful for this age children, or gestation Articles and stories.

Country of Mom
Website for children: child birth, pregnancy, childbirth, child development.

Social network for moms, expectant mothers, grandmothers.

Here you can

  • keep a personal diary and children's diaries,
  • create photo albums,
  • find friends and communicate with them,
  • comment on diaries of others,
  • join Interest groups,
  • participate in contests with valuable prizes.
In the directory of institutions you will find the best kindergarten in your area and will be able to read reviews about your maternity hospital.

Consultants work on the site:

  • pediatrician,
  • psychologist,
  • dentist,
  • breastfeeding specialist,
  • lawyer
  • and others.
Services for moms: a graph of weight and height of children, your personal weight graph, pregnancy and development calendar, monthly calendar, choice of name for the future child, basal temperature chart, psychological tests. And there is a section of private ads and soon there will be a service of joint purchases!


Internet Service emergency psychological assistance (psychological counseling)


Psychological dictionary based psychological handbook 'Psychology - the idea, the scientists, the works' and 'Life 2000'.


ZenHabits -
Minimalist productivity advice, with a focus on psychology.