Hebrew numbers

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Hebrew numbers

Normally in Israel, the usual, so-called Arabic numerals are used.
We write in Hebrew from right to left, but we insert numbers from left to right.
Let's say the current year in Hebrew will look exactly the same as in Russian.
For example: when in 2024 will be Passover?
2024פסח בשנת?

Nevertheless, in Israel, the old designation of numbers with letters has been preserved, as in ancient Greek and Old Church Slavonic.
We also kept it. Let's say lists are numbered - 1st item, 2nd item ... and item A, item B ...
In the numbering of houses, buildings can be 1st building, 2nd building, or building A, building B.

Hebrew numeral system

1א 10י 100ק
2ב 20כ 200ר
3ג 30ל 300ש
4ד 40מ 400ת
5ה 50נ 500ך
6ו 60ס 600ם
7ז 70ע 700ן
8ח 80פ 800ף
9ט 90צ 900ץ