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A large enough dictionary is placed on the page. The dictionary is made for those who do not know the Hebrew alphabet, the Hebrew words are given in the Russian spelling. Accents are big letters.
For example:

eTeacher Hebrew

Learn Biblical Hebrew & Greek with eTeacher and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The eTeacher system proudly presents the program "Classic Hebrew" ("Biblical Hebrew"), which is a unique opportunity to learn the language spoken in biblical times. At your service will be the most experienced teachers and specialists in biblical Hebrew. This is an opportunity to read the biblical texts in the original and learn to understand them more deeply. Starting in January 2010, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in cooperation with eTeacher, presents the earliest accredited Internet Bible Hebrew courses for international students. The Humanitarian Educational Program of the Hebrew University is among the top 100 in the world, and for 91 years of the university's history this cooperation is the first of its kind. The Hebrew Bible Program, provided by the eTeacher Language Online Academy, is now part of the official courses of the Hebrew University And is fully recognized by his humanitarian faculty. In accordance with the academic requirements of the university, this program requires compulsory attendance at classrooms, homework and includes exams. Completion of this course allows students to get 4 credits. Our program of classical Hebrew is based on the success of the original online courses of Hebrew eTeacher. This proven versatile program allows thousands of students to learn to understand Biblical Hebrew and successfully use this skill.

In the eTeacher system, classical teachers are taught by certified teachers and specialists in this field. Most of our teachers taught Hebrew in the best Israeli universities, which are considered world leaders in the teaching of Hebrew. Internet program of classical Hebrew eTeacher is headed by Ohad Cohen, Ph.D., a qualified teacher and linguist with extensive experience in teaching Biblical Hebrew. In 2008, Ochad completed his dissertation on the grammatical system of the verb in late-biblical Jewish prose at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.