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Translation of letters

How to enable the translation function

Settings (in the upper right corner of the screen)/Experimental functions/Translation of letters/Enable


Next, you can configure the main language. By default, this is the interface language. But new functions on gmail first appear on the English version of the mail, because sometimes our people choose the English version of the site. Then you need to choose the main language.

If the letter comes in a language other than your own, you will be asked to translate it. Google itself determines the language of the letter. If he's mistaken, you can change the language of the letter. Or if this time you want to translate not into Russian, but into Ukrainian or ... also change.

Then click Translate message and look at the translation.

If we do not want to translate from some language, for example, from English, then you can click Disable for language: English.

It's clear that machine translation is not always correct, so you can go back to the original by clicking View original message

If you are not in the tooth, you can simply choose Always translate: English and the letter will be translated immediately.

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Translator in Gmail

This translator is built into Google mail.
If you receive a letter in an incomprehensible language, you can translate it right away or let it always translate.
It's very simple when the email arrives at A foreign language, a line will appear - Translate a message and suggest which language and which one is rarely mistaken, so just click on the link and read the translation.

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