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Google Drive

Google Drive

The text recognition function is available in Google Docs.
29 languages ​​are recognized, including Russian.

.JPG, .GIF, .PNG and .PDF documents are supported in size up to 10 Mb. The .PDF file does not exceed 10 pages.

  1. Go to Google Docs, you can from Google Mail.
  2. Drag and drop the image or PDF-file into the browser window (in Google Chrome it exactly works).
  3. A window appears from below and there is a small menu on top.
  4. Put the checkboxes against the 2 lower items (as seen in the picture):
    • V - Convert text from PDF files and images
    • V - Confirm the settings before each download
  5. Close Window and load the picture again.
  6. Now, when loading it, it offers to recognize the text, you just need to specify the language.
  7. Then the picture was saved as a picture, but if it is opened by its text editor, below the picture there will be recognized text.

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Google Drive

Google Drive

Cloud storage from Google.

Free of charge is only 15 GB of space for Google Drive and Gmail mail.
In addition, you can store photos in Google Photos unlimitedly.

You can expand the space to 100 Gb for a couple of bucks, 10 Tb for $100 per month.

You can specify the location for the folder location in the computer. Which is convenient. Not everywhere it can be done. I have all the documents on the disk: D so I can just blindly take the CD: C and I will not lose any information. Then you can upload what we need and the files will sync with our Google account.

Google Drive is integrated with Google Docs, so you can edit the documents online.

There are applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform.

A set of cloud services for those for whom Google Drive is not enough in size and features.
You need to have a bank card or bank account to sign up because the service is chargeable.

Includes G Suite, enterprise versions of Android and Chrome OS, as well as APIs for machine learning and Google Maps.
Run apps, host sites, store data.