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Add-ons for Gmail

Installing add-ons from mail

  1. Click the gear,
  2. Settings,
  3. Additions.

Installing third-party add-ons from mail

  1. Click the gear,
  2. Install add-ons.
  1. - GMailFS - Gmail-account turns into a virtual disk, which is seen through the Windows Explorer.
  2. - Gmail Todo - Turns Gmail into a To-Do list.
  3. - Send To GMail - With a single click, you can send any file from your computer to your Gmail account.
  4. - GBooks - Turns a Gmail account into a bookmark server.
  5. - gFeeder - A small pribluda, which allows at a glance to understand what else you are concerned about.
  6. - Gmail Music - Saves your MP3 in the Gmail box and plays them on your computer.
  7. - GotMailG - Mac-widget, shows the number of unread messages in the Inbox.
  8. - PhpGmailDrive - Retrieves the list of attachments from the account on Gmail and allows them to be published on a website or blog so that anyone can download them.
  9. - Gmail Loader - The program under Windows or Linux, helps to load your archive of letters into your account on Gmail.
  10. - Gmail Date Search - Adds a search by date to the Gmail search form.

Used: Gmail.
address: USA

Right Inbox for Gmail

Extension for the Google Chrome browser, which adds a "Send Later" button to your Gmail address. Click and set the date and time.