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Domain Parking

Domain parking
A way of placing of the Internet advertising and services rendered in its frameworks which consists in placing of advertising on sites not used for sites.
To create a site, you need a domain (address of this site) and hosting (placement of site pages).
Parking is essentially a bare domain without a site and without hosting. This is an opportunity to make the domain active without hosting.

Parking Types

  1. Advertising.
    You've probably visited pages that contain only links to other sites and possibly written a "sell domain."
    Usually this is the way the domain is used, if you have bought it yourself, but do not want to waste money on the unused domain. There is a chance that it will pay off.
    The goal is yours and you have to earn - then the name should be bought in demand, so that you have visitors.

  2. Redirect.
    You already have a website, you bought a new name and the visitor just gets to your main site.
    This can also be temporary, as long as you are creating a new site, and the domain is bought so that no one intercepts a good name.
    You purposely bought this name and use it for an additional influx of customers. For example, you firm XXXXX produces furniture. Because you have a website and redirection from the site So you have customers who are looking for you and who need furniture in general. The principle is clear.

  3. A small site.
    You do not have time to engage in the site, yes and not needed. Here you also have just a page with coordinates.
Parking can be cheap or free.
address: Russia


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