Using your domain for the site on Google

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Using your domain for the site on Google

If you have a website on Google, you can attach to it any of your domains. Then, in the address bar of the browser, instead of website/it will be enough to type the address of the attached domain to get to the site. To use this feature, you need to perform the following steps:

1. In the domain control panel, in its settings, make sure that our DNS servers are specified:

2. Click on the domain, and in the section "Set up a zone and forwarding", after clicking the "Manage zone" link, change the type A record by removing the checkmark to the left of "www":

3. Register a CNAME record, as shown in the figure, and save the changes:

4. Go back and follow the link "Set up the redirection", set the redirection by entering the domain with "www" at the beginning:

5. In the site settings on Google (Additional Actions - Site Management - "Web Address" tab) add your domain with "www":

If our DNS servers were initially specified and after registration of the domain passed a minimum of 24 hours, the site on Google should open immediately on the attached domain. If after registering a domain or changing DNS servers to ours, it took less days, then you need to wait 2 to 24 hours before the site opens on the attached domain. If you have difficulty connecting your domain to sites on Google, please contact our support team.