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Search for people and organizations that can solve the problems facing R & D departments of large corporations.
Crowder manufacture
Activities that can be implemented only through the efforts of an open network community.
Literally this is when we collect information from all the world. The most striking example is Wikiedia.
Search in the consumer's environment for product proposals that can improve its quality.

reliable site

Owner: STANDS4 Network

address: USA


Crowdsourced multilingual online dictionary for common phrases, casual expressions and idioms that can be easily navigated, pronounced, and translated to many languages.

Story Wars

Joint writing of stories.

How does it work?

You can create your own history or continue what someone started. After 2 additions have been made, the countdown starts. This is the remaining time that other people can add to this chapter.

When the countdown is over, the voting stage for additions is included.

In short, the idea is that many can write a book, but not all have the spirit to suffice. The purpose of the site is to stimulate.
It's easier to write a little, just a part, to enter something ready, than to start from scratch.
Plus the points system, voting create an atmosphere of competition that stimulates more time to spend on the site.
Here so it is imperceptible to you to open your literary gift.

iTunes Android

address: USA


Community of creative people who work together, creating advertising, from the original brand and style, to mock-ups, banners ... specific advertising products.

Community services are used by well-known companies. In fact, this is a tender and outsourcing.

How does it work?

  1. Companies place on the platform briefs,
  2. indicate requirements, terms and rewards,
  3. then select winners and work with them.
  4. Often to encourage participants, not just one participant is awarded, but several first places.


Find your best place to live, work, and play.
Nomad List is the biggest crowdsourced database of cities in the world analyzing 250,000+ data points to help you choose where to go next — and when you arrive, it connects you with 41,721+ nomads there.
You can see the most ranked cities on the map, and then see the information in detail: Internet speed, weather, air quality, health, racial tolerance, entertainment, quality of life.


Glosbe is a multilingual dictionary. It covers ALL languages and is developed by the community, just like wikipedia. And works both online and offline!

Glosbe will give you not only translations, but also thousands of examples, pronunciations and images to help you to find a correct translation.

No matter if you need

  1. Albanian,
  2. Afrikaans,
  3. Arabic,
  4. Armenian,
  5. Azerbaijani,
  6. Belarusian,
  7. Bulgarian,
  8. Bengali,
  9. Catalan,
  10. Chinese,
  11. Croatian,
  12. Czech,
  13. Welsh,
  14. Danish,
  15. German,
  16. Greek,
  17. English,
  18. Spanish,
  19. Estonian,
  20. Basque,
  21. Persian,
  22. Finnish,
  23. French,
  24. Irish,
  25. Galician,
  26. Gujarati,
  27. Hebrew,
  28. Hindi,
  29. Haitian,
  30. Hungarian,
  31. Indonesian,
  32. Icelandic,
  33. Italian,
  34. Japanese,
  35. Georgian,
  36. Kannada,
  37. Korean,
  38. Latin,
  39. Lithuanian,
  40. Latvian,
  41. Macedonian,
  42. Malay,
  43. Maltese,
  44. Dutch,
  45. Norwegian,
  46. Polish,
  47. Portuguese,
  48. Romanian,
  49. Russian,
  50. Slovak,
  51. Slovenian,
  52. Serbian,
  53. Swedish,
  54. Swahili,
  55. Tamil,
  56. Telugu,
  57. Thai,
  58. Tagalog,
  59. Turkish,
  60. Ukrainian,
  61. Urdu,
  62. Vietnamese
  63. or Yiddish.
You’ll find dictionaries for ALL of them. And many, many more.

iTunes Android


It's a collection of offers and translations.
It's a collaborative, open, free and even addictive project.
This service can be used to learn a language by specifying one or another phrase and if you translate say something from the English interface Into Russian etc.


Free online translation service.
The site has a Russian interface.

Cucumis is a community of translators who share linguistic knowledge with each other and help each other on Internet.

You need a translation, and Google translator does not Suitable for your situation, then you can turn to this community for help.

The truth is not so simple, you first need to participate and score points that you can spend on translation.
Or you just would like to help someone, but time and energy is not unlimited, so do not undertake to charge Yourself all cargo ... and as a consequence, you do not help anyone.
It's fashionable to participate and help others as much as you can afford when you are comfortable.

Collective farm. But no service without control and regulation is qualitative. And what's the use of referring to manual work, which will be done anyhow or in general - nahuliganyat.
Moreover, not knowing the language and not checking.

There are administrators and experts in the community who evaluate the translation.