Ph4 / Poland / Warsaw

Ph4 / Poland / Warsaw

Little Alchemy -
address: Malcuzynskiego 5/32, 02-793
The game of alchemy.


The game of alchemy.
We mix materials and find out what happens as a result.

Warsaw University -

Warsaw Technical University -

JSFiddle -
Platform online web programming.


The platform of online web programming. The window is divided into 4 parts: HTML code, CSS, javascript and on the last one see the result.

Plug-in JavaScript libraries, MooTools and JQuery and DoJo.
Debugging for mobile.

JSFiddle -
How to make a map on the site in black and white.


The most popular telegram channel in Belarus.


The most popular telegram channel in Belarus.
Stepan Aleksandrovich Putilo, born in 1998, is a Belarusian living in Poland.

Stepan created Telegram channel, which by the will of fate has become a center of information protest in Belarus.
The reason is that Telegram channels cannot be blocked.

Practically all the information that cannot be processed flows to it.
At present, video information is processed, viewed and checked, fakes are deleted, and the rest is published.

Glosbe -
address: Glosbe Parfieniuk i Stawiński s. j. Antoniego Józefa Madalińskiego 106 02-506
The multilingual online dictionary.


Glosbe is a multilingual dictionary. It covers ALL languages and is developed by the community, just like wikipedia. And works both online and offline!

Glosbe will give you not only translations, but also thousands of examples, pronunciations and images to help you to find a correct translation.

No matter if you need

  1. Albanian,
  2. Afrikaans,
  3. Arabic,
  4. Armenian,
  5. Azerbaijani,
  6. Belarusian,
  7. Bulgarian,
  8. Bengali,
  9. Catalan,
  10. Chinese,
  11. Croatian,
  12. Czech,
  13. Welsh,
  14. Danish,
  15. German,
  16. Greek,
  17. English,
  18. Spanish,
  19. Estonian,
  20. Basque,
  21. Persian,
  22. Finnish,
  23. French,
  24. Irish,
  25. Galician,
  26. Gujarati,
  27. Hebrew,
  28. Hindi,
  29. Haitian,
  30. Hungarian,
  31. Indonesian,
  32. Icelandic,
  33. Italian,
  34. Japanese,
  35. Georgian,
  36. Kannada,
  37. Korean,
  38. Latin,
  39. Lithuanian,
  40. Latvian,
  41. Macedonian,
  42. Malay,
  43. Maltese,
  44. Dutch,
  45. Norwegian,
  46. Polish,
  47. Portuguese,
  48. Romanian,
  49. Russian,
  50. Slovak,
  51. Slovenian,
  52. Serbian,
  53. Swedish,
  54. Swahili,
  55. Tamil,
  56. Telugu,
  57. Thai,
  58. Tagalog,
  59. Turkish,
  60. Ukrainian,
  61. Urdu,
  62. Vietnamese
  63. or Yiddish.
You’ll find dictionaries for ALL of them. And many, many more.

Poland -
address: ul. Marszałkowska 15A, 00-626
Towarzystwo Biblijne w Polsce.