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Help together disabilities


Welcome and Netology have created an online educational project that will help people with disabilities to obtain useful skills and master a profession that will not only be a source of income, but also an opportunity to realize themselves.
Choose one of six useful courses and Apply for participation in the project.

The authors of the best essays will be free to receive training, receive a diploma and in the future - their favorite work.


Service of kind deeds from
The idea of ​​the project was born at the employees of Group.
They themselves participated in charity projects, brought their friends ...
And then they thought: how to do so To help it was easier?

This is a platform where charitable organizations and people meet.
The service is free for both users and funds. We choose who we want to help, children, the elderly, Animals. It is possible to choose help by deed or simply money.
It is indicated on what is the fundraising (can treatment, can what kind of thing), amount and term.

Bible Online

Bible sign language translation.

Lovely bible project online.
One of the sections is the Bible with sign translation.
In fact, these are videos from YouTube, where the right-hand text of the Bible, which can be read, is to the left, the person who actually translates the sign, the translated text is read in the background.
Below the video is the text of a readable chapter.

Thus, it is possible to jointly read the Bible with a person who has hearing problems.
On the right is a typical simple and intuitive menu, as well as in other places on the site.
We can choose a book and a chapter, everything is simple.

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A card for wheelchairs, so you can translate the name of the card.
Actually, this is an online map, which indicates the availability and inaccessibility of public places and toilets for disabled people.

The map on the site is available for mobile p

Describe to me

The project is dedicated to creating verbal descriptions of various images for blind people.Thanks to modern technology, the blind man has the opportunity to use the Internet.
Special programs on your computer and smartphone convert text from the screen into speech, but they are almost powerless if we are not looking at text but at a photo or video.
This is why our project appeared: to give blind people access to verbal descriptions of visual information that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

Volunteers at the request of blind people create descriptions of various video clips, greeting cards, paintings and much more. Descriptions are sent to customers, and the most interesting are published on our site.


  • Read descriptions of images that are regularly published on the site;
  • Find descriptions of interest through search or in categories;
  • Share links to your favorite descriptions in messengers and social networks;
  • Send images you would like to see in your email to project volunteers.

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Be My Eyes

Sight is rented.
Volunteers are registered, at one moment one blind person turns to one of the sighted volunteers.
A blind person shows a picture or a broadcast of what is around, and a sighted person describes what he sees.
So he lends Eyes or becomes the eyes of another person.

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