How to close a bank card

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How to close a bank card

If you just stop using it, you can find yourself in debt to the bank.

If your account is empty and you do not use it, it still exists and the bank can take money for ...
Read in the contract or offer, which you are obliged to, for example:

  • keep in the account not less than a certain amount,
  • to spend not less than a certain amount per month.
Or maybe you just had a grace period and then you had to pay.

Maybe you had a payroll card and your employer paid for its maintenance and when a person quits, the maintenance bill is paid by him. That's thousands of rubles a year.

If you don't look and you have an accumulated debt, penalties will go.

How to close the bank account?
  • Disconnect all paid services.
  • Repay the debt.
  • Apply to close the account. Sometimes you can do it online, and other times you will need a visit to the bank. The card will need to surrender to the bank.
  • It will take time to close the account (in case there are pending bills).
  • When you close the account, take a certificate from the bank that the bank has no financial claims against you.