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Internet banking

Internet banking
A service that allows you to manage your bank account through the Internet. To work with Internet banking technology, it is enough to have a computer connected to the Internet and a cell phone.
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Sberbank Online

Advantage - prevalence and reliability. He is a state and therefore will not go bankrupt. Now it's free, although you need to activate the Mobile Bank service, which will cost something.

Advantage - we see who transfer money (if the card is also a savings bank). That is, I know that mistakenly the wrong figure was not pressed and the money did not go to another user.

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Profitable loans or deposits, financial news of Russia.A financial service with structured up-to-date information on most banks and their products throughout Russia, which allows you to make an informed choice to our multi-million users.


Councils for work with the products and the services of banks.

Introductory information to the consumer of banking products and services.
Before making any decisions on the use of products and services of any bank, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on the official website of the bank or by calling the toll-free hotline.
Today, almost everyone uses the services of banks.
Many people have chosen Sberbank as their partner for managing personal finances and for business.

The number of products, services, services of Sberbank is constantly increasing and changing.
The site will help you get relevant, understandable instructions for working with bank services, as well as talk about financial products so that you do not miss out on profitable applications and understand all the conditions correctly.
Sbank will help you choose the most suitable credit or credit card in Sberbank from a variety of offers.

If you do not know how to profitably manage your free funds, use the tips on our website and select the most profitable deposit, savings certificates, and you might be interested in metal accounts.
How to use a mobile bank, make transfers via SMS, pay for cellular services, make utility bills, pay loans in other banks - read all of this in our articles.


Kiwibank is a financial and banking service from New Zealand post.

Kiwi personal banking

Users can build their own banking; get what they want, how they like it, with smart accounts, clever cards and all the other good stuff. Under personal banking we have everyday banking, home loans, credit cards, and personal and car loans.

Everyday banking: With these you can get the stuff you do every day running like clockwork, simple choices, clever tools and tips. Under these we have everyday accounts, savings account and special packages

  • Everyday account: These are standard accounts with a choice of plans
  • Savings account: With these account users can grow their savings goals and also earn interest
  • Special packages: These are account set for special intentions.
Home loans: Kiwis aim is to allow users get their home, giving them advises and guidance. Kiwi gives solutions and calculators helping user know how much they could borrow and other steps on how to get their loans

  • Welcome home loans: This loan gets you into your home with 10% deposits. In this loan there are limits on how much you can earn and how much you can borrow
  • Borrowing to build: These loans are for users whose aim is to build homes. This home loan are flexible so they can be fitted to your needs

Kiwibank Credit cards

This credit card includes what you want and when you want it. Take flights with credit cards or make purchases with a sensible low rate card

  • Low interest credit cards: This low interest credit card is designed to save your money. There are several low rate cards to choose from so you can choose the best one that suits you. These card cost you less
  • Air New Zealand airport credit card: With this card users can travel sooner and faster. With this card users can get an even better earn rate on purchased, also draws monthly bonus and allows users gain access to an exclusive range of this card benefit

Kiwibank Loans

Personal loans: Kiwibank helps users recognize their debt into a single loan with structured repayment terms. They also give calculators so users can know the amount needed to be borrowed. With a fixed interest rate and set payment amounts, a personal loan can help with budgeting, you’ll know exactly how much you need to repay and when you need to repay. Users are also given the chance to make addition repayment at any time to pay it off faster. These loans are designed to help you with bigger purchases or expenses.

Car loans: If you are buying a car or other vehicle but you don’t have enough cash, kiwi can tailor a loan that fits within your budget. Kiwibank also gives conditional approval so you can go shopping knowing exactly what you’ve got to spend. Unlike credit card bills, you’ll know how much you need to repay and when you need to repay. The interest rate is fixed and you can make additional repayment at any time, payoff your loan faster and save on interest changes

Personal Loan Insurance: this insurance is to cover your repayments if any unexpected event comes up.

Kiwi Business Banking

Kiwi business banking specialist knows what makes you successful. Along with products are services built specifically for the New Zealand market, kiwibank is here to help your business. Under kiwi business banking, we have accounts and services, loan and finance etc.

Accounts: Under accounts we have transaction account, savings account and investment, account for non-profits.

  • Transaction Account: Business edge is kiwi’s smart transaction account for businesses. This account has no monthly account management fee and low transaction fee. It is free to transfer funds to your own kiwi bank business accounts in the same name
  • Savings Accounts and Investment: This savings account and investment ensures your money is always working for you, whether you need it fixed on investment or on call
  • Accounts for non-profits: this account is for non profit organization

Service of KiwiBank

Under service kiwibank allows users to use the following
  • Business banking online
  • Visa debit card
  • Business overdraft
  • Business insurance
Loans and finance: KiwiBank got range of ways on how users can borrow whether expanding their business or need some funds to tide you over
  • Business lending: These are flexible options to help you grow and get going. It is a flexible repayment option and it is secured against business or personal assets
  • Asset finance: Loans from kiwi asset finance help with the purchase of capital assets. It ensures immediate ownership and use of the asset, it is also secured against the asset themselves. There are loans to buy business assets for example vehicle equipment or tools

Kiwibank login

To login into kiwibank, follow the steps below
  1. Visit the link
  2. Click on the login icon on the right top corner of the page
  3. Enter your access number, password
  4. Click on the login icon