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Plastic cards

Credit cards are widely used on the Internet, because they have been actively used in the West for a long time, so why learn something new?

You can use the Internet:

  1. Order a plastic card.
  2. Get information on plastic cards.
  3. Make payment online through a plastic card.
  4. Settle payment for goods or services to your site.
  5. Remove electronic money through a plastic card.

Types of plastic cards

  1. Bank card is a plastic card attached to one or several settlement accounts in a bank.
  2. Debit card - allows you to pay for purchases with money from a linked account, we will not spend more than we have.
  3. Credit card - (usually free service) allows you to borrow money from the bank (no more than the agreed amount), which should be returned no later than a certain number (usually within a month) or pay a good interest.
  4. A payment card - similar to a loan, only in this case a full repayment of the loan is required and a longer period for this.


Not every plastic card is suitable for Internet. For example, Visa Electron requires the physical presence of the owner - ATM, the store.
For Internet, Visa Classic, MasterCard Classic or special Internet cards are used.
Internet cards are the same cards, only plastic ones are difficult to call them, because they are not. You have all the necessary information for use on the Internet. On the Internet, you still do not need a plastic card.

Official websites

  1. - China UnionPay
  2. - JCB - Japan Credit Bureau.
  3. - Card Mir - National Payment Card Mir.
  4. - Discover
  5. - American Express
  6. - Maestro
  7. - Visa
  8. - MasterCard

reliable site

Owner: Sber
address: Russia

Instant card Sberbank

Free card to pay for purchases, including on the Internet.
Issued within 10 minutes in the bank.

This card is not advertised. The bank may try to impose other or unnecessary services along with it.
You just need to insist.

About Payment Cards

All about plastic cards.

The main thing is to help you choose the most profitable plastic card for your situation. We choose a city, determine why we need a card: purchases, travel, credit ... or simply withdraw cash.

Usually, banks' websites are created and understood by bankers, and this site speaks to us in a language we understand.