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How to accept credit card online

The beginning I want to immediately draw your attention to the strict increase in the percentage of payments in the Russian Internet for goods and services using plastic cards.

Personally, in my business, customers pay cards in 10% -15% of cases. According to my observations, almost 80% of them simply went further and did not purchase my goods or services, had I not offered them a plastic card as a payment method.

That is, I do not accept cards - my sales would be lower by 7% -13%, and every month this amounts to a figure for which it is worth to make an effort and realize the possibility of paying cards on any commercial site, including. And on yours.

Take into account the fact that the trend of payment with plastic cards in RuNet will only grow and very soon will seriously compete with virtual cash and other widespread and habitual now for Runet payment methods.

I remind you once again that plastic card payment has serious advantages for both the seller and the customer:

  1. Speed.
    The payment with the help of a plastic card takes place in real time and takes up to 1 minute of time, and in general 20-30 seconds. It is through such time that the money will be withdrawn from the client's card and will be credited to you as a payment. Naturally, in the case of a successful transaction, if you sell an information product, program or some kind of web service, you can deliver it to the client right away and automatically. As a result, the sale process is fully automated and maximized, which frees you from the routine, and the client from anxiety in anticipation of the paid product or service.

  2. Profitability
    Especially it concerns the buyer. In some cases, he will pay only the cost of goods or services and more it will not cost him anything. To the seller it can cost on average from 3% to 5%, and in case of high sales using plastic cards - even less. Also, unlike the payment for virtual cash (WebMoney, ЮMoney) neither the seller nor the buyer need to lose interest and time on converting virtual money into real money and vice versa.

  3. Safe.
    Despite the fact that fraud with plastic cards is common today, nevertheless payment by "plastic" remains one of the most reliable and guaranteed types of payments. Actually, if you comply with all the security rules, and also never store large amounts of money unnecessarily on the cards, the problem of fraud generally disappears. In addition, the customer paying the card has the opportunity for a certain period to do a chargeback (return) money back to the card, which allows him not to worry about being deceived in the online store by selling a poor-quality product or service.

  4. Convenience.
    The most important thing is that for many people a plastic card today is much more famous, convenient and usual means of payment than a virtual wallet. As a matter of fact cards are already widespread means of payment and cashing out of money which even pensioners use.
So, if you understand all the advantages of accepting payment from plastic cards described above on my website, then of course you want to know how to begin using it in the shortest possible time.

Next, I'll show you some of the official (and more) methods of accepting payments from the 'platinum' on your site, and you yourself decide what is more convenient for you and more convenient in your situation.

For citizens of the Russian Federation

OFFICIALLY, there are currently three common ways to connect their sites to Internet acquiring (this is the name for this service in banking operations).

Note: Naturally, in order to carry out commercial transactions between your customers and you - you need to be a legal entity, i.e. Register in advance, as an individual entrepreneur or open your company (for example, some LLC). I highly recommend everyone to become a simple individual entrepreneur, registering yourself in a tax in the place of residence, take a simplified taxation system and pay only 6% of the tax on all income. It's just a penny, it's hard to think of a lower tax, but the opportunities for you are very serious for business ...

METHOD #1: Card operator - the company "ASSIST"

This company has been working on the Runet market for a long time and has proved to be a reliable partner. Through 'ASSIST' you can receive cards: Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, Diners Club, STB, JCB). The 'ASSIST' system has a convenient and simple interface for integrating payment acceptance into your site, as well as very detailed instructions on how to step-by-step the entire integration process. It is also convenient to look at the statistics for all your payments and always be aware of the situation.

The only serious drawback of ASSIST is that if you live beyond the reach of one of the branches of banks with which ASSIST operates, then you will not be able to connect to the system. For example, I could not because my city is on the outskirts of Russia, where there is not one of the branches of these banks in the district center.

Another convenient feature of ASSIST is that you can accept not only payment by cards but also virtual cash (WebMoney, ЮMoney, E-Port, Credit-Pilot) through them, which will help you pass the conversion operations Virtual cash in rubles and tax accounting for these funds. In this case, all payments will ultimately come to your current account, which you will open, as an individual entrepreneur or to your business.

How to connect to 'ASSIST'?

After you have already become a legal entity and opened your bank account, you go to the site of the company and submit Application for registration under the link, Your application is reviewed for several days and then helps you decide which bank is best used for Internet acquiring in your case.

How much does it cost to connect to 'ASSIST'?

The amount of connection to receive cards through the 'ASSIST' will range from $120 to $180. But you need to consider that depending on the type of contract and the bank with which the contract is concluded, you will have to pay or save the amount of the insurance deposit. This deposit is necessary for the bank to cover the risks associated with possible refunds of money to your customers on a card, etc. This amount can be from $100 to $300 and above, depending on your goods and services. If you determine the company 'ASSIST' as a suitable option for you, then do not forget to specify the amount of insurance deposit and the total financial costs for your connection.

What percentage takes 'ASSIST' from each transaction for its services?

This percentage will depend on the bank with which you will sign the contract further for receiving cards through the company 'Assist'. But interest can range from 3% to 5% from every successful transaction to your services or products.

METHOD #2: Card operator company 'CYBERPLAT'

This company also works for a long time on the Runetovsky market of electronic commerce and pretends to become a universal Russian card operator number ONE! Unlike the "ASSIST", the company "CYBERPLAT" is a subdivision of the bank "PLATINA" and therefore does not depend on the whims of third-party banks. As a result, you can connect more quickly and cheaper to the 'CYBERPLAT' system, regardless of your region of residence within Russia. Through 'CYBERPLAT' you can receive cards: Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, Diners Club, E-Port).

But a significant disadvantage of 'CYBERPLAT' is its interface for integrating payment acceptance into your website. Despite the fact that the company is given very detailed guidance and instructions on how to carry out the whole process step by step, you still have to turn to the programmer's help to install and configure all the necessary scripts on your server, generate keys and start accepting cards through 'CYBERPLATE'.

How to connect to 'CYBERPLATE'?

I also liked that you can immediately open a settlement account in the bank 'PLATINA' with management via the Internet. Then you will have everything in one place. As a result, you will receive a complete and convenient solution for your e-commerce enterprise with minimal translation costs and maximum work speed.

How much does it cost to connect to 'CYBERPLATE'?

Connection to this system will cost you less than to 'ASSIST'. The amount of connection is the equivalent of $100. But the insurance deposit at 'CYBERPLAT' is iron and is 9,000 rubles or ~ 300 $. The only thing you can do is not to pay it, but simply to accumulate on your transit account in the bank PLATINA already working and taking payment for your services and goods. That's what I did and quickly collected the right amount of the deposit.

What percentage takes 'CYBERPLATE' from each transaction for its services?

This percentage is 4.5%, but as soon as your turnover per month is more than 100,000 rubles, it will be automatically lowered. And further, the larger the turnover, the less 'CYBERPLATE' will take interest from you.

My personal comments on the 'CYBERPLATE' system ...

I generally decided with whom to work and broke almost all the options on this topic for residents Russia. As a result, my choice was based on the company 'CYBERPLAT'. The reasons are many, but here are the main ones:

  1. First, a normal attitude towards customers, regardless of their business status. The company gladly connects both large and small customers! Also good and fast support.

  2. Second, the connection speed is literally 1-2 days. And if you start connecting to "ASSIST", then the verification process in one of their banks can take up to a month or more! Just a catastrophe of some kind:))

  3. Third, a good and affordable almost any cost of connecting to the system and quite favorable service rates.

  4. The only thing that I had to tinker with is the connection, but it's worth it to then get all the advantages of this payment system. I recommend!

METHOD #3: - Agree with one of the banks directly.

Today, the service of Internet acquiring is becoming more popular, that's why it starts to be implemented and offered by many large modern banks. Therefore, as a good option, you can consider these proposals.

To do this, you need to make a list of the largest and most modern banks in your region of residence, and after ringing at everyone and ask them about the availability of card payment services via the Internet and find out what prices, conditions and mechanisms they offer you for this.

But my experience of contacting banks has shown that their solutions are not always the most profitable, convenient and acceptable for my purposes. For example, trying to connect to Internet acquiring in 'IMPEXBANK', I was very disappointed in their offer. Firstly, they work only with Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, and secondly, with small amounts, they take 10% from each transaction ... Well, where does this suit?

For citizens of Ukraine

OFFICIALLY, there are two main ways to connect your sites to Internet acquiring:

Note: You just like in Russia, you need to be a private entrepreneur or open Your company. I recommend to register as a private entrepreneur by registering yourself in the tax at the place of residence, to take a simplified taxation system and pay a single tax in the form of a fixed small amount. The amount is very small, and the opportunities you have open for business are large.

METHOD #1: Internet acquiring of Pribatbank.

This bank in my opinion is the most advanced and popular in Ukraine and has always been a pioneer of the introduction of some modern and high-tech services for its customers. I think that you really should open a settlement account in PRIVATBANK as an entrepreneur, and also take advantage of their Internet acquiring offer to get a full range of banking services in one place.

If you decide to accept cards through 'PRIVATBANK', then you will be offered only acquiring cards: Visa and MasterCard/EuroCard. But if you take into account that almost 90% of all card payments in the world occur with the use of cards of these systems, I think that such a restriction will not affect your business almost.

Cost of connection to Internet acquiring of 'PRIVATBANK' You should check with the bank's employees, but the stated terms and a seductive 1% from each transaction on the card can only please and surprise me :-))

METHOD #2: The Ukrainian Processing Center Company

This company is a subdivision of the Ukrainian commercial bank AVAL, which is the second largest after PRIVATBANK. I liked the approach to Internet acquiring at the UOC's more than that of PRIVATBANK, because everything is technically solved simply and reliably.

As well as Internet acquiring of 'PRIVATBANK' the offer from 'UOC' will allow you to accept cards: Visa and MasterCard/EuroCard. Declared type of American Express cards In fact, is not yet being accepted.

What's insulting is that I have not found the information on connection and transaction fees to the site of the UOC. But if you live in Ukraine and decided to accept cards for your goods or services, then do not be lazy to go to them to the site and contact the support service of this company to clarify all the details.

And now I will offer you two INFORMAL ways Start accepting cards on their sites as one of the payment methods. I have so far only found a couple, but maybe someone will be more agile and find them more ... Here you can only thank such a person for giving me such information.

So, informal methods are good for beginners of e-commerce who are just starting to make their first steps on the Internet and are deprived even of small funds for legal and investment support of their business.

In such a starting situation, paying taxes and using traditional bank Internet acquiring is very costly, because it will require a beginner at least $200- $400 of expenses. And many people have a bad financial situation, but the desire to start their business on the Internet is great ... If you are one of these newly-created entrepreneurs, the information below is a real treasure for you!

METHOD #1: International card operator '2CHECKOUT'..

This company has been operating on the world card acceptance market for many years and the only one from the West allows residents of CIS countries to be serviced by themselves. The only "BUT" is that you will have to have at least a little English to connect and use the '2CHECKOUT' capabilities because it is the only language the system talks to you and your customers who will pay for your services or goods. Therefore, you should take into account when choosing '' 2CHECKOUT ', that the process of paying by card through their system you must additionally describe for your future customers.

From the advantages of this system, one can single out the simplicity of integrating their payment system into your website. Perhaps, in this they have overtaken many. They also have a very low tariff for the initial connection to the system - only $49. And the system of statistics and transaction control is also simple and convenient.

But what's frustrating in '2CHECKOUT' is their tariffs, which they will charge for each transaction on the card - $0.45 + 5.5%. But we must understand that for a newcomer the sentence from '2CHECKOUT' remains interesting and profitable.

The registration process is very simple. Just remember immediately that you will have to pay for the connection to '2CHECKOUT' with your plastic card, which must be refilled at least $50 or equivalent at the rate in the currency of your card. But it is better for insurance to replenish the card with a small margin of 5 $-10 $.

METHOD #2: International payment system 'VIP-PAY'.

But this option is the most delicious place of this article, because it offers a unique service for the Runet today. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the system is universal, speaks Russian and accepts for payment almost all payment methods common in RuNet, including plastic cards!

When I first came to them to the site, I immediately thought that the RUPAY.COM payment system had a clone and a competitor. Indeed - the idea and interface are very similar. BUT! All the same, there are serious, I would say GLOBAL differences ...

Here is their full list:

  1. First, these are lower tariffs for entering into the system and withdrawing money to the seller. On some methods of payment, this difference is up to 2% -3% relative to RUPAY. For example, the output of WebMoney will cost only 1%.

  2. Second, there is support for English in the payment interface, which allows you to accept paymentand more within the Runet, but globally all over the world;
  3. Third, a much wider coverage of different payment methods than RUPAY.

  4. Fourth, as one of the payment options, PLASTIC CARDS ACCEPT TO PAYMENT! Transactions are supported for four types of cards: Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express, Discovery. That is, there is a fairly wide coverage of your potential customers and their means of payment.

  5. Fifth, there is a shopping cart in the system, which is very convenient when you select several products for one-time payment for everything.
  6. Sixth, there is a simple and convenient interface for instant delivery of information and software products and services to the buyer after payment. There is a detailed guide describing the entire process of connecting the site and realizing instant delivery after payment.

  7. Seventh, the technical staff of 'VIP-PAY' willingly meets their customers and completes their system for their individual needs. That is, in fact, there is a VIP-approach.
The "VIP-PAY" system has appeared recently, so I can not say anything about its stability and 100% reliability, but I think that in the near future we will all learn this by starting to use it as one of the payment options .

I believe that 'VIP-PAY' is the simplest and most accessible means of accepting plastic cards and other types of payment for your goods or services. Judge for yourself: the connection is free, a huge choice of payment methods, low fees for entering and withdrawing money. What else should a web entrepreneur have for complete happiness?

Summarizing the article, I will say that everyone is free to choose his ideal option of accepting plastic cards on his websites. Someone is striving for the transparency of their business and for maximum convenience for their customers, someone needs a cheaper and easier solution to this problem. In any case, there are no bad or good methods to take 'plastic'. There are methods that suit you for a number of reasons, suit and guarantee to you and your business the maximum efficiency!


The technology of accepting payments on MasterCard and VISAs from a smartphone or tablet using a mobile POS terminal.

Cost of the service: 2.75% per transaction. No transactions - no payments. Just a percentage of the money you receive.

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