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Calendar moon phases

(old greek ἄστρον — star and νόμος — law)
The science of the stars.
Stars are a map that we see from below, because travelers and sailors used and enjoyed that card. Besides, the stars are the clock. The stars, like the planets, move so accurately and uniquely that the location of the stars in the sky, you can accurately determine the time.
The fact is that before time was calculated from the reign of the king or the foundation of Rome. Because later they began to be counted from the King of Kings - Jesus. If historians find in ancient records a reference to a comet or the unusual behavior of the heavenly bodies, it helps to determine the exact time.
(old greek ἄστρον — star and λόγος — word)
Religion, and not based on anything specific. So everyone can treat anything as they like. And because a lot of banal fraud.
I remember reading my horoscope and wondering how he accurately describes me. Because I saw that I made a mistake and read the next one. Then I read my own and everything also came together.

You can just download horoscopes on the Internet and raspihat as you like, calling yourself a guru.

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The site itself is not very, it's astrological. But the calendar is intuitive.