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Jewish calendar

(heb. הֲלָכָה‎ — halacha)
Traditional Jewish law, the totality of the laws and institutions of Judaism that regulate the religious, family and social life of believing Jews. In a narrower sense, the totality of the laws contained in the Torah, the Talmud, and in the later rabbinical literature, and each of these laws (alahoth) separately.
The Jewish Calendar
(heb. הלוח העברי — haloah ha-ivri)
In fact, this is a religious calendar for Jews. Even in Israel, it acts in parallel with the Gregorian.

We somehow got used to the solar calendar and consider it to be the most accurate. But in fact, it is impossible to uniquely identify any calendar, as the most accurate. The uniqueness of the Jewish calendar is lunisolar. Month is determined by the moon, which is correct, and the year is according to the sun.

In any case, the biblical holidays are the most correct to celebrate in the Jewish calendar. The Christian Easter was originally defined on the wrong date, the reason is anti-Semitism, which gave rise to a conflict between Jews and Gentiles in the early church.
That's why we might be interested in this calendar.

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The Jewish calendar and Halakhic time.

Choose the month and year (the current one by default) and get the month of the Gregorian calendar with the corresponding dates of the Jewish calendar.

In addition, there is a Halakhic clock, by default for your geographical location. But you can also specify a different geographical location.