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(heb. שפר shofar - a ram's horn for the trumpet)
When the trumpet is written in the Old Testament, the word Shofar is in the original text.
חצצרה hatsotsra is a pipe (copper). From surrounding, fencing, (caution) & alpha; & gamma; & lt; / RTI & gt; — pipe, ch. Give a signal.
Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Saturday, (15 June 2024)

1st Temple

Temple of Solomon (950 - 586 BC)
Which was built by King Solomon, the son of David. It lasted until the Babylonian captivity.

2nd Temple

Second Temple: The Temple of Zerubbabel (516 - 20 BC)
Second Temple: Herod's Temple (20 BC - 70 AD)
Restored Zerubbabel after the Babylonian captivity, but he was a miserable likeness of the temple of Solomon.
Subsequently, King Herod reconstructed the temple, made it much higher, expanded the temple mountain, making a huge site and building many other rooms for worship and pilgrims. It was destroyed in the year 70 by the Romans after another Jewish uprising.

3rd Temple

We stand on the verge of rebuilding the temple, it should be the last temple.