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Download databases

  1. Cars - download (11.7 Mb)
  2. Airports - download (37 Kb)
  3. Geo - download (422 Mb)
  4. Cities with geographical coordinates - download (54.8 Mb)
  5. ISO language code - download (93 Kb)
There are many databases in Internet, mostly paid. I chose free and most complete.
So, as there are bases in different formats, I simply collected them into archives because they each have their own requirements and each will choose what is convenient for them.

Just use it.

  1. - World Stadiums - List of stadiums of the world by continents and countries. The year of construction, capacity, type of seats is indicated. There are small photos.
  2. - Open Data Index - The Global Open Data Index. The project evaluates open data around the world.
  3. - Open data hub - Catalog and data storage for all Russian-speaking users. The hub was created and maintained by the Information Culture NGO.


Database of world metros.

Here and photos and videos and various maps.

And most importantly - a lot of information. Just click on the city and get the date of the first launch, the length, the number of stations, lines, passenger traffic ...

Subway logos, fonts of these logos, wallpapers, subway museums, ...

A lot of all sorts of information, it seems, everything that can be collected by metro has been collected here.

You can look at the countries or metro statistics all over the world. 215 subways with a length of almost 15,000 km. Scale of growth.

You can see everything in the table.

Visit out of curiosity.


World airports on the map.
Service on Google maps.

More than 440 000 airports of the world, passenger reviews, top best.


Allows you to keep a complete copy of Wikipedia and hundreds of websites on your phone or computer.
After installation, it works like a regular site, with all the links.
Free and without ads.


  • Wikipedia (including smaller topic collections such as football or math) in more than 100 languages.,
  • Wiktionary,
  • TED talks
There is an economy version without images.



We create a catalog and catalog our collections of films, music, books, programs, games, comics.
Free limited to 100 albums. Withdrawing the limit for $15.
Automatic download of complete information about the album, the film ... from the online database.
Shortcuts are added: artist, title, year, genre ...

You can make a backup online copy of your database and synchronize between devices.


Basic open geodata. There is a list, but you can take a lot right here.

address: Russia


Russian-language database of civil airports around the world.
The largest and most detailed database.
The service is well structured.


address: USA


Music database online since 1991.

Information about music genres, musicians and bands, as well as information about album releases and professional reviews.
The authors of discographic descriptions, biographical essays about composers and performers, short abstract reviews of music works presented in the database are professional musicologists and critics with a total number of more than 900 people.

The largest music archive ~ 6 million compositions and a library of music album covers (over 500 000).