Buying a new car

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Buying a new car

You buy a used car, the owner wants to sell more, because he will try to hide some information.
But the machine can:
  1. has been in serious traffic accidents,
  2. has a bunch of unpaid fines,
  3. is in pledge,
  4. is wanted,
  5. It was used as a taxi,
  6. not cleared.


To check, you will need a machine number, and preferably a VIN.
When registering a car, a traffic police officer photographs VIN in Wallpapers places.
On the car, it is knocked out on the engine and is still in one place of the car, it depends on the model.
You need the seller to ask for documents and check VIN with the photos in these places.
Believe me, an honest seller will only be happy.
After all, we always wanted to be asked when we learned the lesson.
But when the stigma is in the gun ...


Vehicle check by VIN.

Checking is done on request.

  1. Checking the history of registration in the traffic police.
  2. Checking for participation in the accident.
  3. Checking the presence in the search.
  4. Checking the presence of restrictions.
  5. Information about finding the vehicle in the pledge.
  6. Information on liability insurance.
I checked my car and the cars of a number of acquaintances.
By registration everything was right. The year of manufacture is shown, the number of owners by year (without names) ...

But it showed on an accident only after 2018.
Maybe in Moscow earlier.
Each accident is detailed, not always correctly, let's say I had a small accident, but they also wrote down the glass and so on. Significantly more than it was in reality.

As for pledges, the arrest of cars ... everything is correct. They write when, what and to whom they should, indicate the phone of the initiator of the restriction.
By the way, on normal sites for the sale of a car, your ad will not be missed if the car is pledged, arrested ... Checked other sites and applications . They simply use the traffic police base. So why not overpay, look here.

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reliable site

Owner: Naspers
address: Russia


Checking the history of the car by VIN.

Data on car history is collected here to reduce buyer risks and to form a civilized market for cars with mileage.

9 million unique VINs in open access for users.
More than 800 dealerships.

The purpose of this inspection is to help reduce the risks of car buyers in the secondary market in Russia.


reliable site

Owner: Moscow Government
address: Russia, Moscow


Car history check website for Moscow.

By entering the VIN code and the registration certificate number, the user can find out the year of manufacture, model, color, power, environmental class and volume of the car engine, as well as the number of car owners (without surnames, but by years
In addition, on request, data on the latest vehicle inspection, fines, road accidents and possible restrictions (for example, prohibitions imposed by vessels) are given out. All the data comes from the traffic police.

Say, we liked the car, it looks like a new one.
We decide to buy, but at the last moment decided to break through this site and find out that the car was a couple of times in an accident, the driver was repeatedly fined for speeding ...
That is, the car was exploited for wear, and Before the sale was washed and dyed.

The test period will be for cars registered in Moscow and the region.
When everything works well, the site will serve the whole of Russia, it is planned to launch on Russia from 2015.