Buying a car

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Buying a car

On all official websites prices and equipment are indicated. For this and there are official websites of automakers.
And Russian versions are oriented towards Russia.
One and the same model can have different equipment.
In advertising, the price for the basic equipment is set, that is, an almost empty machine. You will hardly be satisfied with this. When you begin to choose the options you need, the price will rise by 100 - 150 thousand rub.

When we found out how much is the model we need with the bundle we need, we are looking for a dealer in a suitable place. We are looking for a dealer on the same official website.

Selecting a dealer

Rating of Moscow car dealers
Rolf Auto

As for large cities, where it is better to buy, there are many dealer centers.
We start to weed out through reviews and ratings. Best - Rolf-Auto, it is and in St. Petersburg.

Typically, the dealer has its own website, very similar to the official design.
That's only there can be other prices or prices are the same, only with other equipment.

Remember, if to the site the price is indicated, then somewhere for so many cars are sold. You can, after all, ask on the official website.

Contact your dealer

We do not buy seeds, so do not hesitate to ask the dealers questions.
Specify, do they have the necessary equipment for the color you need? And the final amount you need to pay.

And if you contact by e-mail, then you still have a history of correspondence.

More than once there have been cases that to the site one price. A person goes to Moscow and in fact a different price comes out.
So we ask clear questions.
We make an official order through the site.
If we go to Moscow or St. Petersburg, where there are many dealers, it is better to place an order in several places.


So, we visited the site, decided on the bundling, tuned in to the price and .... rested like a ram.

Everyone is familiar with the situation with network marketing, when a trained seller with a well-suspended language tries to vtyuhat a bad product or more expensive than the cost.
I always in such cases miss all the emotions by the ears, just waiting for the end of the story, I need a figure, the amount that they want from me.
Then I decide if I need this for this money? It does not matter, at half price, is it something that is given as a gift? It is important that I, of course, end up paying for what and is it worth it?

So, the dealer can try to sell you something more expensive and can crush emotionally. We rest - to the site is written, the support service said, the amount is prepared, no more, go to another dealer-center. All.

When they start to click on you, do not listen for a long time. Break off the conversation or go. They need your money, if they have what you need, they will sell it.
You just try to cram into the car what you do not need or what you can buy elsewhere much cheaper and not worse.

You can be told that the car needs to be brought to the right bundle, so take a walk, but make the payment. You will be given paper. But when you come back from you ask 100,000 r. On. On.
Then they will show that it is written in small print and you did not actually pay for it, but made a prepayment, which does not return.
People pay extra or buy a cheaper model or climb on credit.

We pay for the car when we take it. We do not argue with the dealer, he knows everything. Otherwise, he argues, he is ready for this situation. We rest as a sheep: in the morning money - in the evening chairs.

Where to Buy

As a rule, it is cheaper to go to St. Petersburg or Moscow and buy a car there than do it at home.
So save 20,000 rubles, 50,000 rubles. Or more.

In Moscow and in St. Petersburg there is also not one dealer. I noticed that the more decent the dealer's website, the cheaper the price. Probably from turnover.


Official dealers can pay by cash or to a bank account. Plastic card, if possible, then no more than 50 000 rub.

In my case, they called me back and offered not to take money with me, but to pay right through the bank. It can not be done !!!
We still have not chosen a car, we did not see it, we did not buy it. Until they pay, we can go to another dealer. If they paid, then they tied themselves to one dealer, that is, we got.
Until you pay - you make decisions, you're in charge. You paid - became a hostage of the situation.

We pay only at the very end. You can choose the machine and make an advance payment ex. 5000 rub. Only then the dealer will keep the selected car for you.

Car loan

Everywhere you will be offered a car loan on favorable or very favorable terms.
And for the duration of the loan you extend the guarantee. This is a service!
Only here to the car manufacturer it will not cost absolutely nothing.

But no manufacturer will give you a loan without guarantees, so you will impose a CASCO insurance.
Casco covers everything in an accident, stealing ... It's up to you. But if you are an inexperienced driver, Casco takes ~ 10% of the cost of the car in a year.
If you are an experienced driver, then Casco will be twice cheaper, but do you need it then? It's up to you.

If you do not plan to fly into such an accident, which only Casco will cover, it's better to take a loan with Sberbank or another bank when a successful share passes.
Do you want to buy cheaper? Do not rush, save something first.
The more you pay immediately, the less you overpay. The most profitable is to pay more than half, and the rest is a loan.

New or old?

Branded car dealerships are not a guarantee for new cars. During transportation, cars can be scratched, beaten. They are repaired, painted and given out for new ones.
According to the statistics of such machines 20%. Most often this is a scratched hood or door.

Maybe not so important, a new car or repaired, just to go?
If the machine is broken, you will be denied guaranteed service.