Choosing a car

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Choosing a car

Where to buy a car?

New in the official motor show. We bought, there's a run almost zero. The first thousand kilometers - run-in, it is necessary to go no faster than 100 km/h. And in unofficial auto shops drive cars on their own. Here nobody goes 100 100 km/h. Why buy such a car. In addition, it is not cheaper. As for car-care centers, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, unless you can quickly buy the right color and equipment, your service center may have to wait. But the price is almost the same.

Second-hand machine

A few examples: Americans say that buying a used car, you are buying other people's problems. In fact, the man rolled back five years, the details began to wear out. Now it's not the machine that serves you, but and you serve the machine (you serve).

Used cars in the west are 3 times cheaper than new ones, we have a third. Simply in the West, there is an experience of using old machines, because of this and such a market price.

My friend bought Lada for 25,000 rub. For a year I had to invest 120 000 rub.
If he took a loan from a bank and paid a percentage, he would buy a new Volkswagen Polo Sedan for that money.
Is that he would just ride on it, and not riveted without end and edge.

Let's say you buy a new car for 600,000 rub., After a few years you sell for 300,000 rub., Add another 300,000 rub. And buy a new one.
Another person saves and buys a used one for 300,000 rub., After a few years it is thrown away (who will buy it) and buys again 300,000 rub. For the old.

The second time they both pay the same, only the first takes a new one again, and the second wears out. In addition, all repairs are on the second.
It's still good if you know the owner or bought successfully. In Germany, taxi drivers buy cars that are in demand in Russia, a popular color. The film is pasted and threshed a couple of years. Then they remove the film and sell it. The car is only a couple of years old, looks like a new one, especially from Germany. But the engine is dead.