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Catalog officially sold cars

  • By the way, used cars in Scandinavia are cheaper and in much better condition. There people live rich and machines do not wear out, they ride neatly on good but winding roads. The lowest prices in Scandinavia are in Finland. The most expensive ones are in Norway.
  • Germany - cars are cheap, but the engines are killed, because there are a lot of autobahns.
  • USA - cars are exploited brutally, they do not change their oil (if they change at all). You can distinguish an American car by the number (or place under the number). In Russia and Europe, the number is narrow and long, in the USA it is short and high.
In Belarus you can enter cars without fees. From Belarus to Russia, too, without fees. Because at first there it was possible to buy a very cheap car. Now it's not so cheap, yes and the right model to look.

Buying cars online

Now it is already possible to buy and fully pay for the car via the Internet. I do not understand why this is necessary. All the same for the car you need to go, at the same time checking everything and pay. In any case, there is such an opportunity.


  1. - - Buying cars in Sweden is the leading site.

Leading auto show Runet.
We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

Site Opportunities

  1. buy, sell a used car,
  2. buy a new car,
  3. buy, sell spare parts,
  4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
    1. transmission repair,
    2. chassis repair,
    3. electrical repair,
    4. body repair,
    5. brake repair,
    6. exhaust repair Systems,
    7. air conditioner repair,
    8. tuning and after-consuming equipment,
    9. engine repair,
    10. diagnostics.
  5. find tire fitting, car wash,
  6. car brands forums.

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OZON Cars and Motor Vehicles

OZON started selling new and used cars and motor vehicles.
So far I haven't figured out what the catch is, because the new ones are priced below the market.
The selection is still small.
Good filters, you can pick up what you need.
True, there is no information about the previous owner(s).
All you can find out is the mileage (for the new 0 km), year, equipment and features.

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reliable site

Owner: Sber

tel.: +7 (495) 785-17-00
address: Russia


Automotive portal that provides classic information and something new.
On the site you can buy a used car (the new recommendation only in the car dealership).


  • News, under the heading "New" are cars that are still entering the Russian and world markets,
  • test drive reviews,
  • lifehacks (tips)
  • video.

Knowledge Base

Addresses and phone numbers for vehicle registration, technical inspection, obtaining rights, traffic rules, fines, and almost all cases of life of the car owner.

I looked, the base is not very big, not all regions.
But it is filled.


Personal assistant for choosing and buying a car online, with delivery to the nearest major city.

Long rentals.
Detailed report and independent inspection on request.
OSAGO, CASCO and special conditions on credit.

Chats with a personal assistant: about everything and every offer you like.

Online prepayment and payment by bank transfer, ordering insurance, extended guarantee and processing the loan at a special rate.

Free extended warranty for 3 months for cars under the age of 7 years.

An assistant appears immediately - to answer your questions about cars and ads, and then to help you make payment, arrange insurance and arrange for delivery of the car to the nearest major city.

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reliable site
address: Russia

Portal of motorists, autonews, blogs, photos, search of like-minded people.

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The largest Russian-language auto show.
The site was created in January 2001 because it is a good base and a habitual place for selling used cars.
Originally was completely dedicated to Japanese cars.
Now restrictions No.

Here you can buy a used car, spare parts and find information on cars, rules of traffic regulations, travel. There is a forum.

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News, articles, test drives about new (and not only) cars.
All major automobile exhibitions are covered, some of them are announced in the timeline format (online reporting).

The site also contains the most important information for drivers: instructions, references, a table of fines and traffic rules.

Buying and selling a car.
We set the price range, a new, used, brand (any brand) ...
It's simple. Search not only for ads, here you can search for new cars.

We go, choose the required model of the car and get to the forum.

Owners of cars, write articles, create topics about cars, solve questions about cars, publish your test drives.

You can sell something or buy something for your model.


Search for lucrative offers (where the price of cars is below the market) for new cars and cars with a run from all major sites in Russia.
Evaluate the market value and the amount of benefits for each auto advertisement.

Looking at the prices of models I understand, Quite profitable.
Quite clearly, conveniently and clearly shown on the diagram and the order comes with more profitable.