Contextual advertising

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Contextual advertising

The most modern type of advertising.
In the beginning, Internet advertising was intrusive:
  1. in the animation format, because unlike print ads, the Internet technically allows this,
  2. Spam - Bulk SMS
But banner advertising was made mostly at a low level and developed a negative attitude to what is blinking on the screen. In this connection, there was a demand, and then and a proposal for programs blocking this kind of advertising.

There was a need for non-intrusive advertising.
An unintended alternative was found

  1. Spam - Newsletter,
  2. banner advertising - contextual.
Search engines have decided to use their ability to recognize content sites.
So they came up with an idea to put advertising to the site in accordance with the content of the site or even a page. It can be just in the form of a text ad - quietly and in the subject.

We represent the leading companies on work with contextual advertising.

There are two ways to pay for contextual advertising:

  1. for clicks - only pay for conversions to the site of the advertiser,
  2. for impressions - as a rule, we first put the banner for clicks and then allow to put the banner for the impressions.
Banner for impressions is not always effective, because the advertiser rarely uses this type of advertising and the place on your site for such advertising will not always be bought.