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Jn 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth in me, the works that I do, he also will do, and more will do these…
1Kor 11:1 Be imitators of me, as I Christ.
Act 5:29 … must obey God more than men..
Act 10:15 … What God has cleansed, that you do not consider unclean.

πραζεις αποστολων

4234πραζις - action, act, business; In the lane. Success, benefit.

652αποστολος - messenger, the ambassador from 640αποστελλω - to send. 4724στελλω - To put; Put in operation; To equip, dispatch. send; Dress up, dress. Missionary lat. Missio - package, commission.

lat. missio - sending, commission.


1) Excerpts, where the pronoun "we" stands.
  1. The author was a companion of Paul in the 2nd and 3rd missionary travels, and also on a trip to Caesarea and Rome.
  2. 16:10-17 - He was writing with Paul during the 2nd missionary trip from Troy to Philippi (c. 51). Immediately after the vision in Macedonia.
  3. 20:5-15 - returns without Paul from Greece, we see here that the author joins Paul again in Philippi several years later, on the 3rd missionary journey (c. 57-58).
  4. 21:1-18 - this passage is part of the same journey from Philip to Jerusalem (3rd missionary journey).
  5. 27:1-28:16 - a trip from Caesar to Rome (about 60).
    Approx. Luke could spend time in Palestine, exploring and recording the Gospel and the beginning of the Acts.


  1. 1:1 about all that Jesus did and taught - something that Jesus continued to do and teach through the Holy Spirit through the apostles.
  2. 1:8 - the plan of the book: the spread of the Gospel from Jerusalem to Rome.
    The endowment by the power of the Holy Spirit is regarded as the continuation of the ministry of Jesus after His ascension.


There is a close connection between the united prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  1. 2:42 - prayer in groups;
  2. 3:1 - regular meetings for prayer: 900 people, 1200 people, 1500 people.
  3. 4:31 - prayer in large groups;
  4. 6:4 - prayer for leaders - priority;
  5. 10:9 - personal prayer;
  6. 12:5 - prayer for leaders - priority for the church;
  7. 13:3 - united prayer for the servants;
  8. 16:25 - prayer in the midst of problems.


21:4-40 - example of the sermon:
  1. 21:4-21 - Peter explains the events of Jesus' death and resurrection in Jerusalem;
  2. 22:2-36 - a brief presentation of the Gospel, compressed but 100%;
  3. 23:7-40 - it contains an altar call and baptism.