Paul's life

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Paul's life


  • Blinding the False Prophet in Paphos 13:11
  • Healing the lame 14:8-10
  • The expulsion of the diviner spirit 16:17-18
  • Healing through the girdles 19:12
  • Resurrection of Eutychus 20:9-12
  • Snake's bite 28:3-5
  • Healing the Father Publius 9:29
  • Healing in Malta 28:8-9
  • Other miracles of Paul 14:3; 19:11


  • The vision of Christ 9:3-6; 26:13-15
  • Missionary Vision 16:9
  • Vision 18:9
  • Vision Hazard 22:18
  • Vision of work (in capitals of the world) 23:11
  • Vision of encouragement (in the storm) 27:3
  • The vision of Paradise 2Cor 12:1-4
  • Obedience in visions (explaining success) 26:19

The father is a Jew, a Pharisee23:6; Phil 3:5
Mother - JewishPhil 3:5
Citizen of Rome22:25-28
He had a sister23:16
The nephew helped Paul23:16

Born in Tarsus22:31 AD (10 AD)
The Jew of the Tribe of BenjaminPhil 3:5

I learned to make tents18:3
He studied at Gamaliel in Jerusalem22:3
Pharisee23:6; Phil 3:5
postle, disciple of Christ1Cor 1:1; Gal 11:2

Was present at the stoning of Stephen7:58-81
The main persecutor of the Church9:1-3; 22:4; Gal 1:13
The law is kept26:5; Phil 3:6

CONVERSION OF SAUL9:1-20; 22:5-16; 26:12-1831-32 AD
On the road to Damascus, he sees a bright light9:3; 22:6; 2:13
Was assigned to Damascus22:11
Fasting and praying9:9-11
Ananias was sent to him9:10-13
The call of God22:14-16; 26:16-18

Preaching in Damascus9:20
Goes to ArabiaGal 1:1733 AD
Return to DamascusGal 1:17-1833-36 AD
1st visit to Jerusalem (as a Christian)Gal 1:18-1937 AD
Suspect the Church9:26
Befriended Barnabas9:27
The Jews persecute Saul9:29
Jesus Calls Saul to the Gentiles22:27-21
Sent to Tars9:26-30

It is brought to Antioch by Barnabas11:22-2643 AD
Teach 1 year in Antioch11:26
He goes with Barnabas to Jerusalem with donations11:27-3045 AD
Return to Antioch with John12:25
God calling Barnabas and Saul to serve (not Mark)13:13


Act 7:58
and cast him out of the city, began to strike him [Stephen] with stones. Witnesses put their clothes at the feet of a young man named Saul, and Saul approved his killing. In those days there was a great persecution against the church in Jerusaleme; And all, except the apostles, scattered throughout the various places of Judea and Samaria. Stephen buried the men reverential, and made a great mourning for him. And Saul was tearing at the church, entering the houses and dragging men and women, was cast into prison. 'Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, came to the high priest,' and Saul more and more strengthened and disconcerted the Jews living in Damascus, Proving that this is the Christ. 'Then Barnabas went to Tarsus to seek Saul and, having found him, brought him to Antioch.' But Barnabas and Saul returned from Jerusalem to Antioch, taking with them John, nicknamed Mark.
Act 8:1,3
When they served the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said: Separate Me Varna Wo and Saul to the cause to which I called them. 'But the Jews, inciting the devout and honorable women and the first in the city, raised persecution against Paul and Barnabas and drove them out of their borders.' Some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium And when [the apostles] boldly preached, they persuaded the people to fall behind them, saying: they do not say anything true, but all lie. And after stirring up the people, they stoned Paul and stole him out of the city, counting him dead. 'Then the whole congregation fell silent and listened to Barnabas and Paul, telling what signs and wonders God created through them among the Gentiles.' And Paul, having chosen the Force, went, Was entrusted with the brethren of the grace of God, and night saw a vision to Paul: a certain man appeared, a Macedonian, asking him and saying: come to Macedonia and help us.
Act 9:1
But Paul cried with a loud voice, saying: do not do yourself any harm, for we all. here
Act 9:22
And Paul stood in the midst of the Areopagus, said: Men of Athens! I see that you are, as it were, especially devout. 'After this, Paul, leaving Athens, came to Corinth.' During Apollos's stay in Corinth, Paul, having passed through the upper lands, arrived at Ephesus and found some disciples there. At the end of the insurrection, Paul, summoning the disciples and giving them instructions and bidding farewell to them, went out and went to Macedonia.
Act 11:25
But Paul answered: 'What are you doing?' Why do you weep and break my heart? I not only want to be a prisoner, but I want to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus. 'When he allowed, Paul, standing on the stairs, gestured to the people with his hand; And when there was a deep silence, he began to speak in Hebrew: 'The next day, wanting to reliably know what the Jews are accusing him of, he freed him from bondage and ordered the high priests and the entire Sanhedrin to come together and, having set Paul out, set him before them. And when they came to Caesarea and gave a letter to the ruler, they introduced Paul to him.
Act 12:25
Paul, when the ruler gave him a sign to speak, answered: knowing that you have judged this people fairly for many years, I will defend my work the freer. Paul said: I stand at Caesar's, where I would be s criminal record. I did nothing wrong with the Jews, as you well know.
Act 13:2
Agrippa told Paul: you are allowed to speak for yourself. Then Paul stretched out his hand and began to speak in his defense: 'When it was decided to sail to Italy, Paul and some other prisoners were handed over to a centurion of the August regiment named Julius.' When Paul collected a lot of brushwood and put it on the fire, then viper, 'And Paul lived for two whole years in his dependency, and received all who came to him, to be a minister of Jesus Christ among the Gentiles and [to] perform the sacred action of the gospel of God, that this offering of the Gentiles, being sanctified by the Spirit Holy was favorably [to God].
Act 13:50
Do not grumble as some of them murmured and died from the fighter.
Act 14:19
You heard about my former way of life in Judaism, that I cruelly persecuted the Church of God, and devastated it,
Act 15:12
Then, fourteen years later, I again went to Jerusalem with Barnabas, Taking with you Titus.
Act 15:40
Know that, [though] I preached the gospel to you in the weakness of the first time,
Act 16:9
though I can also rely on the flesh. If anyone else thinks to rely on the flesh, then more than me, who was formerly a blasphemer and persecutor and offender, but was pardoned because he did so through ignorance, in disbelief. I fought the good fight, the current accomplished, the faith preserved;
Act 16:28

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