3rd trip

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3rd trip

45-49 AD
Acts 18:23-21:17
way: 2.500 km
team:Paul, Timothy and Luke.


It has become a tradition to visit former places and serve in new places. The last time was not allowed to serve in Ephesus, where the gates were open to the gospel.


Now Paul arranges a biblical school and learns daily for 3 years. Nowhere he stayed longer.
  • Galatia and Phrygia - they passed, affirming and encouraging the church 18:23
    Apollos prepares the city for Pavel's 3-year mission 18:24-26

  • Paul meets apollos apprentices 19:1-7

    Paul wants them to receive the Holy Spirit 19:2
    Later he will write to Ephesus, that they be filled with the Spirit Efes 5:18

  • Paul teaches 3 months in the synagogue (!!!) 19:8-9

  • Paul teaches at Tiranna's school for about 2 years 19:9-10

  • All the inhabitants of Asia heard the preaching of the Lord Jesus 19:10

  • Books on witchcraft are burned 19:19

  • A great awakening 19:20

  • Paul decides to go to Rome 19:21

1 Epistle to the Corinthians 56 AD
  • Riot of silversmithes in Efes 19:23-41

  • Paul goes to Macedonia 20:1

2 Epistle to the Corinthians 57 AD
  • Paul goes to Greek 20:2

Epistle to the Romans 57 AD
  • Returning through Macedonia 20:6
    Paul takes offerings 1Kor 16:1-2

  • Troas (Troy) - the resurrection of Eutychus 20:6-12
    Ace - Paul is taken to the ship 20:13
    Farewell to the presbyters of Ephesus 20:17-35

  • Paul is attracted by the Spirit in Jerusalem to meet sorrows 20:22-23

  • Tyr - At the suggestion of the Spirit, Paul was told not to go to Jerusalem 21:4
    Ptolemaid - Paul spent 1 day with his brothers 21:1-4
    Caesarea 21:8

  • The prophet Agabus, having bound himself with a girdle, shows how the Jews will betray Paul to the Gentiles 21:10-14(11:27-30)

EFES - population was about 300,000 people, streets paved with marble, the temple of Diana (Artemis, the goddess of the moon, daughter of Zeus, sister of Apollo) was one of the seven wonders of the world. There was a large Jewish colony in the city.