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All travel briefly

1 Missionary trip of Paul

Acts 12:24-14:28
way: 2.500 km
team:Barnabas, Saul and John Mark.


The site of the first missionary journey is the island of Cyprus and Galatia, that is, native places.


In this journey, Paul revealed himself as an evangelist.

First visit the native places of the leader of Barnabas - Cyprus, then the leader becomes Saul and they go to his homeland. Saul becomes Paul. Mark leaves them.

Paul finds the style of evangelism, first he visits the synagogue, using his former rabbi's position, then he is expelled. But he goes not alone, but leads people who know the Scriptures, which will become the backbone of the new church. Paul responds to the 1-st journey as the heaviest 2Tim 311. The main thing that happened was the leader, the team, the style, and then it was polished.

Council in Jerusalem – circumcision question (Act 15).
Epistle to Galatian 49 AD

2 Missionary trip of Paul

50-53 AD
Acts 15:36-18:22
way: 5.500 km
team:Paul, Silah, Timothy and Luke.


Paul visits former places and decides to go a little further, but the Holy Spirit did not allow them to preach the Word in neighboring areas, but sent them to Europe.


Most of the journey (one and a half years) Paul remained in Corinth, where he served as a pastor. This is the only place where Paul was a pastor.

The Gospel comes to Europe. First visit the site of the previous mission, and then Paul visits Philippi, Thessaloniki, Athens and spends 1.5 years in Corinth. Paul uses the main Roman roads and visits key cities.

Epistle to Thessalonians 56 AD

3 Missionary trip of Paul

45-49 AD
Acts 18:23-21:17
way: 2.500 km
team:Paul, Timothy and Luke.


It has become a tradition to visit former places and serve in new places. The last time was not allowed to serve in Ephesus, where the gates were open to the gospel.


Now Paul arranges a biblical school and learns daily for 3 years. Nowhere he stayed longer.
1 Epistle to Corinthians 56 AD
2 Epistle to Corinthians 57 AD
Epistle to Romans 57 AD

Jorney to Rome

58-63 AD
Acts 21:27-28:31
way: 2.500 km
team:Paul, Aristarch and Luke. Paul, Aristarch and Luke.


In the capital of the world (there as Rome was a world empire).


Paul defends the Gospel before the priests and kings.

Epistle to Colossians 62 AD
Epistle to Ephesians 62 AD
Epistle to Philemon 62 AD
Epistle to Philippians 63 AD
1 Epistle to Timothy 67 AD
Epistle to Titus 67 AD
2 Epistle to Timothy 68 AD
  • The last words of Paul 2Tim 4:6-8

  • Paul beheaded 68 AD