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Sending large attachments Yandex.Mail

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So, you need to send a file that exceeds the allowed mail attachment.
First, let's see what actually means a legitimate mail attachment?

A valid mail attachment

Postal services indicate investment restrictions.
Mailbox size only means that you can receive emails of this size.
For example, the maximum size of a letter on is 30 Mb, and on Gmail- 25 Mb.
And if you send such a letter from to Gmail, then it will go with, but it will not come to Gmail.

So, the leading postal services have a box no more than 20 Mb, many others - no more than 10 Mb.

And, the file size increases when you transcode it for transfer by about 33%.
So actually the maximum weight is even less - 13 Mb - 6,6 Mb.

file sharing, which allows you to upload a file without registering or clouds:

Speaking about the Yandex service. If you registered on it, then you have a simplified entry and can also be added to this list. And if you are not registered, then register and You will have unlimited space, 1 file up to 5 Gb (DVD can be sent).

Recently, made the same change and connected the mail services and their file sharing. Now and from them you can send large letters through the browser.