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A set of related services that will help you quickly and safely rent the computing power in the volumes in which it is needed.

Cloud computing replaces and complements traditional data centers located on customer premises.

Categories of cloud resour

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In the beginning you get 10 Gb of space free of charge.
From time to time there are possibilities to increase.
I currently have 48 Gb of free space.


Install Yandex.Disc application on a smartphone or tablet and activate automatic upload of photos and videos.

Photo and video does not compress and there are no restrictions.
Watch will be available on the phone, online, and if you have a folder on your computer, then there.


We can assign any folder on your computer system for Yandex.disc and it will be synchronized with the storage online.
Synchronization speed is low - 50-60 Kb. But if you're not in a hurry, it doesn't matter.
In addition, this speed is completely invisible and you can do all the usual work without paying attention to the background work of J.Disk.

There are levels of access to documents: personal or public.
For the public, you can get a link separately for the document.


Maybe not uploading photos, pictures.
Browse was able to view virtually any format, including CorelDRAW and .EPS.
Office documents and e-books can also be viewed.

ZIP archives open online like a regular folder, and then you can view selected documents and pictures of the archive.

Document Editor

Used online document editor from Microsoft.

Mail integration

After you enter the disk via mail and back, you can view the mail attachments separately on the disk.

In my opinion, this service is the easiest, lightest, most understandable and most convenient.

There are applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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