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File sharing

What do you want?

First of all, it is clear that the paid service will suit all your requirements, but we want to exhaust the free opportunities before.
  1. Quickly transfer a large file without registering it.
    A familiar situation - you need someone to send a large file, especially if several people. You can use file sharing. Where you can download it free of charge, and send your reference to your friends. You do not have the desire to register or log in to your account.

  2. The largest file size.
    A normal desire not to think about the size of the uploaded file.

  3. Maximum retention time.
    A normal desire not to think about whether your file is still alive or not.
    Well, if your file is in demand and periodically downloaded.

  4. Ease of downloading.
    We want to make the download process as simple as possible for the user. If you have an important file at 100 Mb, then the visitor will suffer temporary inconveniences. But if you have a 2 Mb file, it probably will not wait, but will look for a place where it's easier to take.
    If you decide to earn more on this, then the inconvenience of downloading is guaranteed.

  5. Earn.
    You want to earn money on this. Only for this you have a lot to know and your file should be claimed and downloaded thousands and thousands of times.
  6. Store many small files. Then you will be more likely Virtual disk online.

That is, the requirements can be very different:
  • a one-time operation or file should be available for download for a long time,
  • many small files or a few large ones,
  • and can be many large,
  • the file will be downloaded frequently or rarely.
In this case, examine the comparative table. So in order.
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reliable site

address: Russia



  • the size of the disk is unlimited,
  • the storage period of the file is 30 days since its last download,
  • the maximum file size is 2 Gb,
  • the maximum file size without registration is 300 Mb.
  • for 1000 downloads of your file (from Russia and the US) - $5
  • The bonus for registration is $5
  • The minimum file size for which will be paid is 1 Mb
  • minimum payout - $40 for active webmasters - $10
  • 20% from earnings of referrals (people who register with your link)
  • Payments are made once a month (About WebMoney, PayPal)
For downloading you will be offered to download a utility from the site that will make your life easier. Through it you can easily and quickly download files and get links to them without going to the site Depositfiles.

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