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Mail on your own domain


Mail for the domain.
Free of charge up to 1000 mailboxes, the size of one box is unlimited.

If you do not have a domain, you can buy it right there, but these are not the cheapest prices, So it's better to buy yourself.


  • Start a mail on your domain, if not, you can buy it right away.
  • 1000, 000 mailboxes are free, if not enough, you can still request (I understand, depending on the site, they can be added for free or paid, in any case it is available).
  • Unlimited space.
  • Attachment up to 5 Gb.
  • Sending a video message Via the webcam.
  • The built-in translator.
  • Access to the mail.
    1. via the Yandex homepage,
    2. via the form on your website.
    3. by direct link,
    4. via cell,
    5. the creation of an essentially mail service on your domain.
  • The ability to create a form for registering and authorizing mail accounts on your site, as well as putting a widget on your site with the number of new emails.
  • API for transferring existing boxes on your domain to our server without losing information, changing access passwords and a number of other options.
  • Placing your logo in the web interface, links to resources on your site and other customization options.

The procedure for creating mail on your domain

  1. Sign Up in Yandex services.

  2. Go to

  3. Connect domain - we enter the required domain, which we already have or that we want to buy.

  4. We confirm our domain name.

  5. If you have hosting:

    In the control panel of the site's mail, we change the MX records:

    • The MX record is
    • Priority - 10
  6. F Dem, until the settings work, it will happen within 48 hours exactly (most likely within 1-2 hours).

Mail setup:

Name type address priority MX 10 TXT v=spf1

For mail on a subdomain

for the domain - A Ip1
for a subdomain - A ip2

Account access
Here you can create new email addresses and it's very important: you can change the password of your users.
You can not see their mail, but I can change the password.
How many times Was sticking around, how people lost the password to their mail or they cracked it and they tried to recover it in horror for a long time and persistently. And all accounts are attached to the mail in VK, Facebook, etc.

In this case, my users just call me and I ask them a new password. Do not hack anything. By the way, people often forget their passwords more often.

Access to mail through Yandex

Through the authorization form on the main page of Yandex or the authorization form on the main page of Yandex.Mail.

As the login, you must enter the full name of your mailbox. For example,

Logging into the mail on your site

Form code (do not forget to replace [] in the name of your domain.)

Form is available only if the site is located on one of the subdomains connected to the Yandex.Mail domain (for example, or or

By the way, this can not be done on Google Apps.

<form method='post' action='[]?mode=auth'>
 Login: <input type=text name=login value='' tabindex=1/>
 Password: <input type=hidden name=retpath value='[]'>
 <input type=password name=passwd value='' maxlength=100 tabindex=2/>
 <label for=a><input type=checkbox name=twoweeks id=a value=yes tabindex=4/>запомнить меня
 <input type=submit name=In value='Войти' tabindex=5/>
  • Gear (All settings) in the upper right corner
  • Click All settings (Top line)
  • On the left side of the menu, select the Mail programs
  • Here, we tick ' from the server via the IMAP protocol'

Incoming IMAP mail

mail server address -;
secure the connection - SSL;
port - 993.

Note. If your program does not support connection protection for some reason, you can specify port 143 and connect to IMAP without SSL.

Outgoing SMTP mail

mail server address -;
connection protection - SSL;
port - 465.

If you need a simple description, see the official Help Yandex.Mail

iTunes Android

Yandex 360

Paid service from Yandex, even if the word is used - FREE.
Yes, there are free rates with a probe for a few months. and then everything is paid for.
Mail on your domain is always free, but it comes with a paid rate.

In fact, these are already familiar services of Yandex, only they are gathered together:

Well, additional disk space is given.

However, you can try it and see if it is worth it?
Try the link: