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A wonderful site made by the Swedes.
It's all simple. We go in, see the list of programs with icons, click any, well, say the favorite Photoshop and get a list of alternative programs.

Say, Photoshop is not satisfied, I would like something easier, but quite effective.
By the way, you need to pay attention to the tags, because there are a lot of programs: for Windows, Linix, Mac, iOS, Android ...
By the way, Goes to another OS, say from Windows to Linux, and he needs to find Linux programs instead of the usual ones on Windows.

So, you guessed it, you can find similar applications for mobile applications. For example, I was not satisfied with Evernote and I chose Simplenote, which is much simpler, just what I need.





Search for alternatives.
The site is very simple, you enter a name in the search and most likely you will be given a list of alternatives, the more an analogue is suitable, the larger the text and the more approximate, the smaller.

You can search everything you need: An alternative to the program or brand of the car ... It's not a fact that they always offer something to you, but they will always offer you something to offer, suddenly you know a better alternative.