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  1. - Yandex family search, adult site filtering.
  2. - Yandex, minimalist search - Page without graphics and almost no text, only a field for entering a query and a button.
  3. - Yandex ascetic search.
  4. - Black Page
  5. - White Page
  6. - Yandex - Main searcher in former USSR.
  7. - Yandex advanced search

Voice search Yandex

Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

Just like on Google, Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

You must have a microphone. If you use Skype, then you have one. It's built into almost every webcam.

How does it work

  1. Go to the main Yandex page.
  2. In the form field there will be light gray microphone and keyboard icons. If there is no microphone icon, it means you have no microphone or it is not active.
  3. Press the icon and say the text.
  4. The first time you ask your browser for permission to use a microphone on this site.
  5. Permission granted.
  6. A long pause will be taken as the end of the request. We receive the result of the request.
Unlike Google, on Yandex you can make requests in Russian or English regardless of the keyboard layout. Google will only recognize Russian speech if you have selected the Russian alphabet on your keyboard, or English if you have switched your keyboard to Latin.

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Logo of  Yandex search
additional url: яндекс.рф

Yandex search

The most popular search engine in the runet. The main advantage - the correct work with the Russian language, looking for not a word, and word forms.

Say, for Google 'fun' and 'fun' - different words. For Yandex it is one word, if it is not enclosed in quotation marks then will search for a literal writing.

Yandex faster indexes new sites. And in most cases it will give you more information.

If you specify a song title in search, you may be offered to listen to it. Not all songs have the right to use them, but the number of them increases, there are already contracts with several major companies in the music market (for example, Universal and EMI). The music of U2, ABBA, Rammstein, Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Alexander Rybak and ....

All the search can be followed by a number of services: el.Mail, ЮMoney, free hosting ... - fine-tuning the search. - a simple form of search.

Yandex makes a different output for different regions more / all Yandex services .

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Search by patents.
Yandex with the assistance of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

More than 2.5 million patent documents are freely available.

In the search for documents you can find:

  • applications for inventions of the Russian Federation (from 1994 to present);
  • descriptions of inventions to copyright certificates of the USSR (from 1924 to 1993);
  • patents of the Russian Federation (from 1994 to the present).
Filters: by keywords, number, title, full text of the patent, author, etc.

For the found document, a list of patents is automatically compiled in which it is mentioned and referred to, and the service also selects similar documents.


reliable site

Owner: Yandex
address: Russia

Yandex, children's account

Children's account on Yandex.

The goal is to protect the child from content that is not intended for children's eyes.
Here you will be much less likely to stumble upon profanity or, for example, adult films.

  • Kinopoisk will offer children only movies and cartoons by age,
  • Yandex Music will not let you listen to a track with swear words,
  • Search and Yandex Browser will protect against shock content.

How to create a child account

  • Parents create their own account if they don't already have one.
  • Go to Yandex ID.
  • Go to the Family section.
  • Create a child account. Specify the name and age of the child, create a username and password, select the age limit (6+,12+ ...).
You can also connect a bank card linked to a family group in Yandex ID to your account.
The child will be able to make purchases within the established limits.