Operators admitted in the SMS-deception!

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Operators admitted in the SMS-deception!

Russian cellular operators admitted that they were in the course of SMS fraud of their partners. Some of them promised to terminate their agreements with content providers if the latter do not take to the mind, RBC Daily reports.

The company & la VimpelCom (& La Beeline) is considering breaking up relations with a large content provider «First Alternative» (A1). "A number of short numbers that are delegated to the aggregator are used for fraudulent purposes, and the company itself does not take appropriate measures to promptly solve the emerging problems," RBC Daily told. Press secretary of VimpelCom Anna Aybasheva did not confirm the information on the contract break, although she did not deny that the content provider has any problems (affecting, among other things, the operator).

MTS company is considering starting to fine partners due to the fact that complaints from customers have become frequent. In the spring the operator already blocked some short numbers with the help of which SMS fraud schemes were implemented and fined partners in the amount of 80 thousand rubles. Operator MegaFon is not going to break communication with the content provider A1. But some short numbers have already been disconnected, and if such actions do not help, you will have to take other measures.

Operators have information about which types of fraud using paid SMS messages are the most popular. For example, a significant percentage of fraudulent schemes are associated with Windows-blocking viruses – Messages users send in order to unlock the OS.

Recall that in the spring of this year the operator of MTS fined the court by the amount of 30 thousand rubles due to the fact that the company did not prevent the fact of deceiving one of its subscribers. A little earlier, at the end of January, MTS had a system aimed at combating such scammers.

By the way, despite the position of righteous anger in relation to "partner" negligence, the mobile operators themselves were caught on direct participation in SMS scammers.

Meanwhile, Roskomnadzor has drafted a bill that, if implemented correctly, can limit the rampant fraud. The prepared amendments to the Law on Communications should oblige operators to inform their subscribers about the cost of content services before they make an SMS payment. In addition, companies will have to respond quickly to client complaints.