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There are no options - Opera. However, Opera offers versions from the easiest to the most functional. I use medium, classical.

It's over, now everyone is trying to make browsers on the phone, but they are too late for a long time.
Opera does this for a long time and they have some experience.
Have gained experience on mobile phones, have developed success on smartphones.

Here there is a specificity:

  1. A small screen. You need to allow the user to see a page with larger text and make it fit on the screen.
  2. Less traffic. On phones, as a rule, slower Internet or limited traffic, because I would like to poekonomnee. Opera has been doing this for a long time, it has a Turbo that compresses incoming traffic.
  3. The size of the program. And with all this, the program itself must be small, not the computer itself.
In all these positions, Opera is ahead of all.
  1. Chrome - traditionally does not save our resources, is very greedy and is included in the list Take down first together with Google Maps ...
  2. Firefox is also heavy and still young on the phone, the feel is felt.
  3. UC Browser - similarly made for the Chinese, crammed with something that I do not need. The young browser, it became raw.
  4. The system browser. On the system browsers, I generally keep quiet, did not understand why they are needed. Even Google, having on its Android system browser, makes Chrome for Android.



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reliable site.



Fastest browser, almost became a free multi-window interface, a convenient built-in search, built-in program for downloading files, email program, RSS reader, widgets. the

Mobile browser

First a few words about the merits of Opera.

the First decent browser - Netscape. It was good until Microsoft did not stop. Microsoft decided that being able to do operating system and office programs, certainly will make the browser worse. The result is Internet Explorer, it was (and is) heavier, slower and more vulnerable to viruses, but it was free application to Windows and lazy users prefer. The struggle is who.
at this time there is another browser from Norway that has created a small group of people. And he has a number of advantages even before Netscape.
is much faster.

Today there are 3 main browsers:

  • Internet Explorer - it stands for Microsoft,
  • Firefox (a new browser from Netscape) - he actively collaborates and promotes Google. the
  • Opera - all the same small group of Norwegians.
If it is possible to compete with supergiant as Microsoft and Google, you have to be superspetsialisty. the

Opera mini

Opera is version browser for mobile phone -
what's the advantage?
Wap sites are viewed via a wap mobile phone interface.
browsing using HTML browser.
Opera Browser allows you to browse wap via the html interface.

the fact that using wap we pay for the kilobytes using html for the MB. Opera is the mobile Internet cheaper.

by the Way, the usual Opera browser (for PC) can browse wap sites too. - all about Opera browser - customization, Russification, support, forum.

The analogue of the toll Internet Explorer
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