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Mobile Internet

(Wireless Application Protocol)
It is a protocol of wireless access to information and service resources of the Internet directly from mobile phones.


  • viewing the goal scored by the players of your favorite football team,
  • search and hotel reservation,
  • Games with partners who are on the other end of the earth,
  • train schedule for trains and planes,
  • View your email,
  • receive and send letters,
  • information about theaters,
  • news,
  • TV program,
  • Weather.
Here is not a complete list of the possibilities of the mobile of the Internet. In fact, its potential is much broader.

Google launches help service 411 with SMS replies

Now, instead of calling in the inquiry services of operators (at high tariffs) by phones 411, you can dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) and find out the required number.

Information can also be obtained using a text message. A service created by Google Labs specialists uses information from Google Local directories. He works on the IVR system and uses voice recognition technology, rather than "live" operators, like 1-800-FREE411 service. The strengths of the service are a free connection, a category search property, and an automatic response via SMS. Weak - all the disadvantages of recognition technologies and limited power (the service is simply not always available). Nevertheless, all the advantages of the service are obvious and it threatens to become a serious competitor to the current reference services.