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Optimal rate

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email: community@airalo.com
address: Singapore, Singapore


World's First eSIM Store.

Connecting to advantageous rates in other countries for travelers.
More than 100 eSIM cards.
So you will be able to freely use the Internet and a stable connection, perhaps wherever a tourist can go.

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The service of choosing the most optimal operator and mobile communication tariff.
We indicate our phone number (not all operators support) and receive detailed information about our calls by email:
  1. Number and duration of calls
  2. How many calls to which Times of Day.
  3. Where and how many called (their operator, other people's operators, landlines).
  4. How many of us are calling outside our area.
In addition, we are told how much we would pay on other operators. Our savings for the month and for the year would be ...

Service is paid, but not expensive. Especially if it's about the company. Here, the savings can be significant.
Besides, you can just buy a program and use it as much as you need.


About tariff plans and SIM-cards almost in the countries of the world.

If we are going to go to another country, roaming is not always an option.
If you are going to actively use the phone, it is much cheaper to buy a local SIM card.

On the site choose a country, we get a list of operators and tariffs.
Pay attention to additional information, for example, how much a SIM card will have to wait, it may be several weeks. Somewhere need fingerprints, but somewhere and a passport is not needed, just pay and take.

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