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Video Hosting

By and large, the era of video hosting started YouTube. And now, talking about video hosting, we're talking about YouTube. Although and he is not the same as before.


Today provides not only the ability to download and store the usual video clips, the possibilities have become wider:
  1. Download and store video without compression,
  2. The time of videos has increased, with quality degradation,
  3. Streaming (streaming) video, essentially TV.
  4. Movies online.
  5. Earnings. With a large number of views, Google shares with the authors of video ads with advertising revenue.

Other types of video hosting

Not only does YouTube provide video hosting services, although it is still a recognized leader that competitors could not press ahead, including our Rutube.
  1. Hosting for short videos, you do not always want to watch the whole video to find out that in the end, you can immediately show the essence of the prank or whatever.
  2. Themed video sharing.


A young but successful video hosting, due to its simplicity.

The main alternative to YouTube.

While sending your creation to Vimeo, you can add it to any thematic group, channel or album. Any member can add it to the group.

  • for free,
  • you can upload up to 500 Mb video per week,
  • the original of your video is saved
  • you can enable or disallow the original video for download,
  • you can only allow the original to be uploaded to those to whom you give a password,
  • There are statistics,
  • you can subscribe to videos from specific groups, channels, albums or from specific users.

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This is the 2nd most popular video hosting site, after YouTube.
The main goal of this video hosting is not so much storage, as the exchange of video with friends and acquaintances.
It's nice that there is a Russian version, even a domain in the RU zone bought, but it immediately redirects you to COM.

Limit: there are no restrictions either by place or by quantity.

Quality in high resolution.

In addition to just a collection of videos, there are:

  • Videos,
  • channels,
  • movies and TV,
  • communities,
  • subscription.
Just go through the menu and everything will become clear.


Unfortunately, the service is able to navigate only in the Western world:
  1. 2011 is blocked in Kazakhstan.
  2. 2012 is blocked in India. Then, only access to the URL containing pirated content is blocked.
  3. 2017 blocked in Russia on the complaint of the channel Friday! due to copyright infringement.

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YouTube supports video at 4096×3072 (4k).
This means that your original video is saved, of course, the visitor can choose a lighter option.
But this video can be viewed in high quality on a screen with a diagonal of 7 meters.

You can upload or see
However, if you put the player on Your site, then there Original (the original size) will not be.

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Online Video Resizer

Resize any video to fit Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook in just three clicks.