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Video Hosting

By and large, the era of video hosting started YouTube. And now, talking about video hosting, we're talking about YouTube. Although and he is not the same as before.


Today provides not only the ability to download and store the usual video clips, the possibilities have become wider:
  1. Download and store video without compression,
  2. The time of videos has increased, with quality degradation,
  3. Streaming (streaming) video, essentially TV.
  4. Movies online.
  5. Earnings. With a large number of views, Google shares with the authors of video ads with advertising revenue.

Other types of video hosting

Not only does YouTube provide video hosting services, although it is still a recognized leader that competitors could not press ahead, including our Rutube.
  1. Hosting for short videos, you do not always want to watch the whole video to find out that in the end, you can immediately show the essence of the prank or whatever.
  2. Themed video sharing.