Video hosting and copyright

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Video hosting and copyright

Here video hosting can be divided into types:
  1. official accounts of authors with the possibility of earning,
  2. which block content and users who violate copyright,
  3. which are blocked for violating copyright,
  4. which place anything at all without any limit.

Official accounts of authors with the possibility of earning

For example YouTube and RuTube

This is the most effective. When the authors themselves place the video in the best quality, it is well structured with the guarantee that these accounts can not be closed (for copyright infringement), there is no need to make pirated copies.

When there is a quality official, the artisan becomes uncomfortable and uninteresting.

Video hostings which block content and users who violate copyright


Here is the main YouTube. In addition, this is a leading video hosting with a convenient player and with maximum capabilities.
They are very serious about copyright.
I remember when they increased the allowed size of the uploaded video, I immediately had such an opportunity, but the friend does not. The reason is copyright infringement. We found fault with the background music playing on one of the rollers.

However, from time to time I see a pirated video on YouTube.
The fact is that today on YouTube there is a warning system about the violation, if you have not reacted a couple of times, then you can be blocked.
Without registration confirmation, you can upload video up to 15 minutes. To confirm, you will need to enter the SMS code. That is, up to 15 minutes you can safely download anything until you are hacked, and then register again.
To host a full-length movie, you will have to use your phone number, which can block, this is more serious.

Video hostings which are blocked for copyright violating

Most known in this case is Dailymotion

2011 blocked in Kazakhstan.

2012 blocked in India. Then, only access to the URL containing pirated content is blocked.

2017 blocked in Russia on the complaint of the channel Friday!

Video hostings which place anything at all without any limit

Here, the most enduring were the internal video sharing of Russian and some others social networks.


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