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Site traffic statistics

Everything is obvious. There are a lot of services that absolutely free will lay out the statistics of attendance of your site. But none of this will do better than Google and Yandex. In addition, they will not upload your site with their "banners".

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Owner: Yandex
address: Russia

Ideas for Metrika

A platform where you can share ideas and suggestions for the development of Yandex.Metrica.

If you have something uncomfortable, something is missing, you can express your opinion here.

The fact is that Metrics has made this site, because it is determined to develop the service based on user feedback.

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reliable site

Owner: Yandex
address: Russia, Moscow


Service for creating a detailed statistics of site traffic.
Simply super. Simple and easy design, everything is visual and functional.


  1. Free,
  2. no banner,
  3. visibility and detail of the statistics.
If you are registered on Yandex, simply use this account. Or enter it. Yandex.Metrica for AJAX and Flash-sites.

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Google Analytics

Detailed statistics service for website visits.
Processes site statistics for up to 10 million pageviews per month for free.

Integration with Google AdWords allows you to run a site advertising campaign.

Like Yandex.Metrika, you can get a lot of information on geography, age, duration of site visits.
Track visitor behavior, the most visited pages, the number of bounces ...

At first glance, the service looks overloaded, but only to find exactly what I need.
However, it is not better than Yandex.Metrika, it is different.
I use both services, which I recommend to you.

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reliable site

Owner: VK Group
address: Russia, Moscow


The system of statistics for website owners.
Requires the installation of the counter on the pages of the site.

We can

  • estimate the number of views and visits to the site,
  • determine the sources and search terms that brought people to the site, find out which pages of your site are most popular,
  • see if you are achieving the goals you set for attracting people to your site,
  • Statistics about your site may be hidden from outsiders and only known to you, but if you wish you can give them to people you trust.

      Participating in site rankings

      Sites are ranked based on their traffic, divided into thematic categories and subcategories.
      When you register you will be asked to select a category for your site.
      Choosing the right category will ensure the largest influx of audience from the pages of Mail.Ru Rating, as well as help you compare the popularity of your resource with the popularity of competitors' resources.

      If you want, you can opt out of the rating by changing the counter settings.
      This will not affect the collection and display of traffic statistics for your site.


I used to use this statistic, but as soon as Yandex.Metrica appeared, it stopped. It became obvious that liveinternet correctly issues information on small sites, the statistics of large sites are slightly lower than the real ones.

Another disadvantage - the mandatory installation of the "counter-banner."
This negative may be a plus.
Once you need to show statistics of your site, or you want to put a counter so that the traffic of your site is visible to everyone.
In this case, LI will do just fine.