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Google Forms

You can quickly conduct a survey, make a list of guests, collect email addresses for newsletter and hold a quiz.

You can specify your style for the form.
Add videos from YouTube and photos.
You can set up respondents to get to different pages, depending on which option they choose.


Free survey designer.
Unlimited number of accompanying
Possibility to integrate a number of Yandex services.

You will have to wait for your questionnaire to be approved after obligatory moderation.

Zoho Survey

Questionnaire with a wide range of possibilities.

The free version has no limits on the number of surveys, 15 types of questions, communication with 150 respondents.

You can remove the restriction by purchasing a license.

Payment options:

  • work with CPM-system,
  • mailing set up,
  • multimedia personalization of proposed answers,
  • restricted number of answers, questionnaires, respondents.
You can try the paid version for free.

iTunes Android

Online Test Pad

Online tests, polls, crosswords.
Online designer tests, polls, crosswords.
Widgets for your site.

You can create and use the already created.


Designer of questionnaires and Internet surveys.

Free account

  • Maximum 100 respondents per survey.
  • Maximum 10 questions per survey.
  • Live Statistic.
The paid version extends the restrictions or removes them altogether.
You can try the paid version for 14 days.


The community "Voice of the Runet" was created as a platform for marketing and sociological research using the capabilities of the Internet.

Conducting online marketing research helps companies offering their services both on the Internet and in the traditional market in making key decisions for the development and promotion of their products and services in understanding the needs of their consumers.

  • Wide coverage of the active (monthly) audience of Russian Internet users
  • Ability to build a randomized target sample
  • Maintain personal page (cabinet) panelist
  • Support for registration forms of panelists
  • Support for all types of questions and questionnaire logic, including transitions depending on the respondent’s answers
  • Checking the entered values ​​(text and numeric), the ability to control the mandatory filling of questions
  • Protection from a second response, identification of respondents using an individual account (Cookie)
  • Additional (logical) verification of answers to completeness and consistency and rejection of these forms
  • Converting data into files suitable for processing by SPSS and Statistica applications