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Owner: Yandex
address: Russia, Moscow

Yandex Word Selection

Keyword statistics from Yandex.
Enter a word or phrase for your product or service, and click the pick button.

The search results will include user queries that include the word or phrase you specify (left), and others Queries made by the people searching for it (on the right).

The numbers next to each query in the search results give a preliminary forecast of the number of impressions per month that you receive by selecting this query as a keyword. So, the figure next to the word 'phone' means the number of hits for all requests with the word 'phone': 'buy phone', 'cell phone', 'buy cell phone', 'buy a new cell phone in speckles,' etc.

If you want to know the number of impressions for users in a particular region, use the 'Region: select' option.

Keyword Tool

Free alternative to Google AdWords Keyword Planner and tools for keyword search.