How to search for the program

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How to search for the program

Sof may be:
  • software,
  • freeware,
  • test and adware.
Where to download?

The main danger is viruses. To avoid this, you need to use the leading and official websites.


Softodrom - the best site for free programs. There is a rating, operational information on updates.

On our site there is a section with free programs. The database is not very large, but all programs were selected and there are those that were distributed free, and new versions became paid. With us you can still download officially free versions.


I do not recommend it, because the virus gets hurt and damage will be more savings.
As for the hacked antivirus, the question is generally ridiculous, just think about how reliable protection is a "hacked antivirus"?
Who hacks? - probably the one who writes viruses. He knows all the holes and uses them. Moreover, there are decent free antiviruses.

Buy software

Buy should be on official websites. It is best to the sites of manufacturers. And remember, when buying, you have the right to ask the manufacturer or ask for help.

I remember, I bought one program, but I could not activate it.
They were there somehow complicated and answered not so much to simplify the process, but to protect them from theft.
I hit them, that they say pirate is more convenient?
And they immediately gave access, there were no more problems.
It is good to know your rights and use them. This is a civilized attitude.