How to find information

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How to find information

Speaking about information, it means official and accurate information, because there is not a lot of information on the Internet, what opinion is not there.
So, first, we need to find information.
And secondly, make sure that she can be trusted.

Correctly making a request

Each question can be written in more detail or shorter.
If the selection is too broad for a query, then we write in more detail. If the search does not find anything, then we write easier, without details.
For example, if you need a form for accounting, write only its number, do not write her name. So there is more chance that the search engine will look for what it needs.

If the phrase is enclosed in quotation marks, the search engine will "search for the exact phrase". I did this when my wife wanted to scan a book. Half found and thus, less had to be scanned.

On forums and other places.
  It is important to ask a laconic question. Do not load, do not write everything - no one will read.
It is not rare for people to try to describe the disaster pohleshche, they say, I do not know anything, I do not understand, nothing works. I cried more, would rather help. But so no one will help.
It does not need emotions. Here you need as simple as possible, correctly and clearly describe the situation.
In short, help you help.


This is the first place I would look for information.

Say, my wife and I saw some kind of new fruit in the store or just heard its name on TV. We type the name in Wikipedia and get a description of where it grows, what goes into food. Maybe a distribution history and a photo in decent quality. The question is immediately removed.

Or in the store we see the goods of an unknown company. For example, the pasta of a new Italian company.
We type the name in Wikipedia. If the company's description is not available or only on the Russian version of Wikipedia, then the firm is not Italian, but Russian. It can be simply registered in Italy, and the goods from Russia or at the best, Then a bad farm in Italy.
By the way, it became popular. The company is registered in Germany, the goods are produced in Poland, they are sold only in Russia.

A true European firm will have a solid website in English and the language of its country. The version in Russian can not always be. A description is in the English version of Wikipedia and not necessarily in Russian.
If the site has only a Russian version, then let it not be a fake, but a poor quality product.

Also in Wikipedia you can get information on the country, history, interpretation of words ...

I do not even know where to look

Right? Then you need to ask someone. You may not receive an answer, but will prompt you where to look for the answer.
In this case, the good service is (details).
But remember, they will first look for answers in Wikipedia and Google search.

If no one can help you. May be able to direct you for example to a targeted forum where there are people who have information on your topic.


Most forums are designed to promote the site, so that anyone comes and bazaar about anything. They are led by young guys who do not have patience and are annoyed when they ask again and again the same thing.

First of all, we are looking for a decent forum. Well, and first use the search, suddenly someone already asked a similar question.

Customer Support

It is customary for us in the country to solve all the problems by handicraft. Well, if I have a friend, a high-level specialist in my field and I need to turn to him more quickly. But in fact people prefer to ask an unknown person on the Internet than to contact a specialist.

How many times was it when the Internet was turned off, my friends called me and asked if I knew what was wrong?
But for some reason I called not to friends, but to the support service, found out the reason and therefore could respond. Why would not they call themselves right away. Moreover, when there is an accident or something serious, they include an answering machine with recorded text. It's easy and quick to get information from the source.

If you bought a product or use a paid service, contact them. They own information, like no one.

Here are free services not all have support.

  • Yandex has an excellent support service
  • is an evil support service, it's best not to apply, do not get your nerves wired.
  • Google - there is no support service, you are invited to a forum where the crowd shares with each other. I contacted Google when I need it via Twitter. It worked.

Of course, the information is very different and all the ways of its search here can not be described. Here only help someone who does not know where to start.