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Protection webcam

The essence of the problem Probably everyone understood the advantages of Skype and use it.
How does Skype work? It links your webcam and microphone to the screen and speakers of your interlocutor.
Special software allows you to link your webcam not with any computer, but with what you need.

And if something goes bad in Skype or if someone corrects the code, then you can contact not with whom you wanted. For example, there are popular services Videochat with a casual interlocutor, where we communicate with a casual interlocutor. There's even no need to install a computer program like Skype.

Why am I doing this?
You have technology (installed webcam), there is a technical possibility to manage it remotely. So you can look through your webcam in your house, and through a microphone - eavesdrop.

How to protect yourself?

Well firstly, if we do not visit sites on which it is impossible to earn legally.
Say solid sites earn on sales or advertising or are a business card for a company ...
But pornographic sites do not especially earn on advertising and are mostly free. The sense of keeping them is earning money on the spread of viruses.
There are and other sites that do not live long, and you need to earn on a fast one. There you can usually download something ...

I visit such sites, because I'm at risk.

And most importantly - who do you need?

I just put not side to the wall webcam, when I do not use it. That's all my protection. Many glue, if it is not removable (on laptop and even on a smartphone).
Of course in my case, you can overhear me. Only here is the question - who needs it?

If someone shoot naked or catch a pedophile, and then blackmail.
In fact, that's all the protection, if you're not paranoid or if you're a carrier of economic secrets.
To do this, you need to install a paid Kaspersky (you need to find out what version it does).
Do not put free, because a hacked antivirus is not protection, but the most that is not a hole.

Most recently, a huge database of users of social networks was stolen and sold for 50 rubles. Who do we need?